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Make remote work your sales team’s advantage

Close more deals — and ditch the overhead — with the industry’s best remote sales platform.

Sell like you're right next door

Get the benefits of being local from any distance. Call from a local number so your leads think you’re around the corner or close the deal face to face on Zoom. With only laptops and wifi, your remote sales team can start selling on day one.

Keep deals moving from any time zone

Seamless communication is vital to remote success. From emails to call recordings, Close logs every touchpoint in a single timeline, as it happens. Your entire team maintains a complete, up-to-the-minute view of every deal, and that means anyone can jump in. End each day with the peace of mind that your deals are still in motion.

Empower your team to never skip a beat:

  • Assign tasks to colleagues
  • Manage all communication from one hub
  • Connect lead notifications to Slack
  • Integrate with Zoom right out of the box
  • Instantly record calls for context and coaching

Master the art of follow-ups

Stop leaving opportunities hanging and follow up often. Stay top of mind with automated email sequences, and dial hundreds of leads in a single day with the industry’s most powerful calling tools. Turn your “no-reply” into a “tell me more” with built-in SMS that’s sent and received from the very same desktop your team calls home.

With Close, we're able to keep track of hundreds of deals and clients over the span of multiple months while simultaneously unifying our team's communication.
Julian Golden
Head of Business Development at Bonsai

Streamline your day with a CRM built for closers

Customize your workflow using Smart Views, so your reps have a clear, dynamic list of leads to contact when they sign on. Build individual views for every rep or group leads into regions. Rest easy knowing prospects are prioritized and everyone on your team is pushing for the win, even when you’re offline.

Track team performance — anytime, anywhere


Get more accurate forecasts and get organized by region with multiple pipelines.


Get a high-level look at the output and results of individual team members, no matter their location.

Make remote work your secret weapon

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