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The Sales Hiring Playbook

Start from nothing and effortlessly scale to your first 25 reps:

Written for founders and sales managers leading their own sales teams. Learn how to recruit, interview, and hire the best candidates using specific insights and practical steps to filling your candidate pipeline.

Recently updated with even more content:

  • Sales hiring checklist
  • Sales hiring email template
  • Sales interview questions

100 pages of tips for sales leaders including...

  • When to hire salespeople
  • What traits to look for in salespeople
  • How to find and recruit great salespeople
  • How to interview sales reps
  • What to look out for and avoid when hiring
  • How to structure your sales team
  • The quick start guide to hiring

In 2011, we started a "Sales As A Service" business called ElasticSales. The vision for Elastic was to build a sales infrastructure to empower startups and companies.

We started hiring top sales talent, opening offices and signing up clients. We needed to hire salespeople, fast. However, there was no VP of Sales to manage this. How could we quickly scale our sales team and get all those new reps productive in minimum time? We didn’t know what the best practices for sales hiring were or how to properly recruit, interview and train sales reps.

So, we discovered our own approaches and shortcuts to building a high-performance sales team. What started out as a motley assortment of tactics over time evolved into a more coherent system for hiring sales reps.

For the first time, I’m sharing our playbook in a well-structured and actionable way so that you can build out your team much faster than ever before. :)

Steli Efti
CEO of Close

Get answers to all your sales hiring questions

The Sales Hiring Playbook is filled to the brim with actionable insights:

  • The 4 stages of sales hiring for startups
  • Dealing with rejection: The $8 million difference
  • How to recruit your first top-notch sales rep
  • How to recruit the un-recruitable
  • The top 10 interview questions in sales hiring
  • 3 sales homework assignments for candidates
  • The 5 biggest risks when hiring salespeople
  • Spot bad fits early: 20 red flags for sales hiring
  • The diamond in the rough: How to handle underdogs
  • Designing a winning sales commission structure
  • The 3 models of effective sales team organization
  • How to onboard a sales team in 4 weeks
  • The one-day sales rep onboarding hack
  • The one-day sales rep onboarding hack
  • And much more...
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