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The Expert Guide to
Remote Video Sales Calls

If you’ve suddenly gone from working in an office to working remotely in sales, you need to make some big adjustments. Now is not the time to look longingly at the past. Now is the time to adapt and keep moving forward. Use this guide to kick a$$ on your remote video sales calls.

Created by Close in partnership with WeWorkRemotely and Olark.

It’s time to adapt.

Harness a vetted, end-to-end approach to crush your sales video calls. This guide provides actionable tips and a detailed checklist that'll get you closing more deals, remotely.

Just some of the topics covered:

  • • Prepping and scheduling calls like a pro
  • • Dealing with no-shows
  • • How to make prospects pay attention
  • • How to deal with technical difficulties
  • • Ending the call with a bang
  • • Follow up success
  • • What to do when the purchase is postponed

The Remote Sales Survival Guide

If you're interested in remote calling, be sure to check out our Remote Sales Survival Guide, a free collection of resources to help you not just survive, but thrive as a remote sales team during this time of uncertainty.

Get tips on how to sell during a crisis, how to lead a remote team effectively and which apps to use.

Visit the microsite >

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