The Remote Sales
Survival Guide

The no bullsh!t guide to selling—and surviving—in a time of adversity.

COVID-19 is changing the way many of you sell. If your team has been working from the sales floor or out in the field, suddenly being forced to work from home will require you to do things in a radically different way. Your prospects’ lives are also turned upside down: many of them are trying to figure out how to productively work from home. Everyone is anxious, and this will cause some to try to postpone a buying decision.

At Close, we've not only been running a remote sales company for the past six years, but also helped thousands of sales teams around the world sell remotely. From now on, we'll start sharing what we've learned, and help you through these difficult times.

What you see in front of you is just the first step. Soon, you'll find a complete learning and resource center for remote sales teams here. If there's anything you find missing, please let us know!

Stay strong,

Steli Efti, Close Founder & CEO

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