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Good (Crisis) Email Templates
Effective Communication in Challenging Times

During the current crisis, how can you make your customer communications effective, balancing business objectives with empathy, authenticity, and value for the recipient?

Get started with 5 email examples below. Want even more? Download the full resource and get 14 additional crisis email examples, a list of the best crisis related subject lines, and an actionable email checklist.

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1. OrgLynx

Subject: [Company] Remote Employee Engagement Tool

Why it works: Even though this is a cold email, the first paragraph conveys genuine empathy and acknowledges the fact that this is a sensitive time for everyone. At the same time, this email addresses a well-known problem now facing the industry: the sudden move to remote work. Finally, it moves logically from that problem to how their platform is built to help companies who are moving to remote work. It quickly highlights the features of their product, focusing on the benefits, and asks directly if the reader is looking for this kind of solution. This email works because it feels like it was written just for that individual recipient.
How to do it:
  • Be a real human: acknowledge that this isn’t the best time for everyone
  • Focus on solving the problems that your prospects are facing right now
  • Don’t use your email to sell your product: instead, use it to offer the help your prospects need

2. Canva

Subject: COVID-19: Share the facts.

Why it works: Canva is a design app, and its customers use the app to create social posts. While this has absolutely nothing to do with the health industry, Canva built an email that not only helps stop the spread of misinformation: it builds a sense of community with their users as they ask for help to share facts instead of fake news. On top of that, this email and its message help customers feel useful as they become part of an effort to share facts online. And in a time when we all feel a bit helpless, feeling useful is a powerful motivator. The end result: Canva’s community is strengthened, they’re contributing to the sharing of coronavirus facts (not fiction), and they’re getting people to use their product.
How to do it:
  • Build a sense of community by acknowledging we’re all in this together
  • Find ways to work with your customers and prospects in this difficult time

Download Good Crisis Email Templates

The free download includes 12 email examples you can easily recreate, a list of the best crisis related subject lines, and a handy email checklist to ensure your sends are most effective.

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3. Slidebean

Subject: Fundraising in COVID-19 times

Why it works: This is a very candid, human approach to addressing the COVID-19 crisis. The founder of Slidebean approaches you in a very transparent way, acknowledging his own fears and concerns. But this isn’t just another generic ‘We’re here for you’ email. Caya dives into good news, focuses on the future, and provides real value for the reader right now. This email isn’t trying to sell you anything. That said, I’m sure it will result in new sales for Slidebean because they’re doing more than just saying they’re here to help: they’re actually providing that help right here, right now.
How to do it:
  • Be transparent in your communication
  • Add a personal touch
  • Empathize with your customers and prospect
  • Don’t just say ‘we’re here for you’: prove it by providing real value

4. Airbnb

Subject: Coronavirus update: Changes to coverage under our extenuating circumstances policy

Why it works: Every business is experiencing changes during this time, but not all of them are clearly communicating those changes to their customers. That’s why this email from Airbnb stands out: the changes are explained clearly, and both hosts and guests have their questions answered. At the same time, they also provide a link where people can go for the latest updates on the situation. This email also provides the right amount of empathy while staying on-topic. If you need to communicate changes to your customers, it’s important to be clear and stay on-topic.
How to do it:
  • Use clear, simple language to explain changes to your business or operations
  • Use bold headings and bullet points to mark important information

Download Good Crisis Email Templates

The free download includes 12 email examples you can easily recreate, a list of the best crisis related subject lines, and a handy email checklist to ensure your sends are most effective.

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5. Noom

Subject: Virtual hugs from your Noom family

Why it works: This email also addresses a relevant need for Noom’s customer base, but not the need you might automatically think about. Noom is a health and weight loss app that helps its customers develop healthy habits. But instead of focusing on weight loss and dieting, this email is focused on the mental health needs of their customers. This unusual approach makes Noom’s email stand out from the crowd. Also, since the app is built around a community of people working towards a common goal (weight loss), the subject line is sweet and makes users feel like they’re part of something bigger.
How to do it:
  • Don’t forget about the less obvious needs of your customers
  • Develop empathy and provide relevant help
  • Remember that your product isn’t the star of this show: your customers are

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