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Henrik Hopea
In terms of efficiency and ease of use, the best thing for me has been Close. 👍🏼

I have been working with your system for 2 months in sales. It is just great. Keep it up! 😍 👍   #close

Anders Goosmann
We have made the switch from Hubspot to Close as CRM in sales. It is a significantly better tool if you want to create scalable sales processes.

Louis Nicholls
If you're doing anything sales-related, @close is far and away the best.

It feels like the only CRM built by salespeople who know how to code, instead of by developers who want to try doing sales.

Matt Gorgolinski
Close helps us email at scale, track analytics & manage our leads in one hub.

Close is the first CRM I’ve used that actually reduces work instead of increasing it 👀 ✍️

Izzy Lozada
Without question, the most valuable partnership we have with any organization is the one we have with the Close.io team. We coach and guide are startup founders on how to build a sophisticated investor eco-system.

Without the Close.io platform and its robust packaged offering, it would be virtually impossible to procure the results we’ve seen our clients achieve with raising seed capital in such a short period of time.

Matt Morrison
Can't thank your team enough. @Close transformed my entire sales process and workflow for following up with clients. I'm in SAAS dev myself, and I often use Close as an example to my team of why it pays to keep an app simple.

Alex Newmann
Love the system. Recommend you guys often. Great solution

Ryan Robinson
I’d +1 on @close, I’ve used it for years!

Lightweight, simple without tons of unnecessary complexities, one of the most activity-focused CRMs I’ve used.

Shree Vardhan
Would highly recommend Close.

Andrew Wise
@close we just signed up yesterday for your service and put in 2 support tickets and have already had them responded to and solved. Kudos on amazing customer service, you've sold me :)

Dave Griffith
If I was looking for a full structured sales tool, I would go with Close.

Michael Cooney
Enjoyed the demo James was great. I like @close a lot, and better suited for a higher volume of leads and deals. Clear views are great.

Bruce Ackerman
Close Success Team jumped on the phone with us to optimize and we've been pumped hard since.

Martin Boss
@close is super straightforward for sales, makes it really easy to focus on, well, closing.

Anfernee Chansamooth
I just helped Bean Ninjas implement @close. Here's why we chose it and the steps we took.

Hygge Coworking
We 💛  @close! Makes keeping track of all our members and leads super easy, and y’all know how much we’re about that lifestyle.

Gregory Rozdeba
@close is by far the best tool. It's intuitive to use, easy to setup new campaigns and you can figure it out quickly without having to watch any tutorials. Highly recommend!

Harris Kenny
We have customer-curated outbound campaigns underway and our new process with @close is 🔥

Daniel Disney
I just started using the Close CRM. Super wicked piece of tech that makes using a CRM a breeze.

I’ve tried them all, and value for money balanced with simplicity and functionality, Close is the best CRM for B2B high ticket sales.

Mike Echlin
@close might be the best software I've ever used. No clutter, extremely intuitive account organization and optimized process flows.

Richa Prasad
Close is my first CRM. I tried a few before committing including Hubspot but I found Close to be the easiest to understand and get going as a first-time CRM user. Their pricing also fit great for what I need - I am on their highest tier.

Volodymyr Nazarenko
I am actively using different #CRMs. It took a long time to choose the best one. I have integrated over 10 different systems into the team. Summary...If your team <10=@close (the best I've used).

Anfernee Chansamooth
Implementing a new CRM into an existing sales workflow is an epic process.

Thank goodness the end result with @close was well worth it.

Anders Goosmann
Close: It’s brilliant to place good intel, build reports and help you follow up in a meaningful and personal way.

Tim Griffin
@close made it possible to begin scaling with a very small team

DeWayne Roy
I’ve used Outreach, Salesforce, Close, etc. Definitely think @Close is best for your use-case [outbound sales teams].

CRM Mike
Would it be AWESOME to connect all your Zoom calls with your CRM? Yes, OF COURSE!

Btw, Close just announced they brought video conferencing into the CRM. Great job @Steli and Close team!

Katie Jane
@close's Power Dialer is a game changer! You can call down the list of leads with one click - it will pause automatically if you begin editing the lead, emailing, setting a task, etc.. jumping right back when you're done, until the list is complete. 🙌 🙌 🙌

Taylor Brooks
There is a huge, unsung benefit in choosing Close.

Their employees are really tenured and when you write in to support, you get a response from a familiar person.

I'm 6 years into using @close and I talk to the same people today, as I did back then.

Colin McAtee
I’m using Close.com and I’d never go back. It’s organized in such a purposeful way that’s so effective.

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