Predictive dialing built inside the CRM

Increase your reach rates with Close's built-in Predictive Dialer.

Predictive Dialer in Close
Steven Castaneda

The early results are indicating that we're leveling up to a new level of efficiency. It has driven up our reach rate [which means] we drive up our end-to-end conversion rate.

Sarah Haselkorn

Director of Sales Operations at MakeSpace

Triumph Lending

What is a Predictive Dialer?

Next level call automation

Dial multiple numbers at once

A predictive dialer is call automation software that allows sales teams to dial multiple numbers at once, where the technology behind the dialer detects when a real human answers the phone and immediately routes an available sales rep to that call.

Always hear "Hello"

Predictive dialing routes you straight to a recipient the moment they answer, thus unlocking more of your reps valuable time to reach and close real prospects, while helping them stay fully warmed up and in the zone throughout the day.

No more dialing. Literally.

Your reps literally never have to dial a number of click a call button again. They never have to hang up because of a voicemail, 1800 number, or busy signal. Close will dial lead list behind-the-scenes, automatically discard these annoying outcomes, and only connect reps when a real human answers the call.

Why use the Predictive Dialer?

Regain efficiency in cold calling

It's built-in. No additional fees or integrations.

Close is the only CRM to offer predictive dialing software out-of-the-box and built in to the plan costs. There is no need to purchase add-on software, set up complicated integrations, or deal with different support teams.

Your team stays in the zone

Since there’s no downtime between calls with predictive dialer (except when manually paused), your reps are getting warmed up faster and refining their pitch even further throughout the day by speaking with more leads than ever before.

Significantly higher reach rates

Because your reps aren’t wasting time listening to dial tones, rings and voicemails, they’re easily making hundreds more calls each day—and using the technology behind the predictive dialer to skip the fake numbers, avoid the prospects that won’t pick up, and significantly increase the number of conversations they’re having with real leads on a daily basis.

Start closing more deals today

Try our new predictive dialer and see your reach rates skyrocket.

Call automation without the complexity

Calls are charged per minute according to Twilio's Voice pricing. Learn more.

Use your existing number

Don’t want to switch numbers? Keep using your existing number.

As many reps as you want

You can launch a predictive session with a solo rep, your full team, or anywhere in between.

Great audio quality

Our engineers work hard to give you the crystal clear audio you need.

Hear directly from our customers

The fastest way to deliver outbound messaging to large lead sets.

Adam Garcia
Sales Manager at GetAround

Sarah Haselkorn
Director of Sales Operations at MakeSpace

Joshua Waller
Head of Sales at BlueStar Sports