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Sep 08 2020
Custom Activities A Close lead activity feed showing the edit state of a custom activity

Custom Activities are a powerful way to expand the information you can track on a lead. Create new types of Custom Activities to track important lifecycle events for your leads, like delivering a demo, sending a contract, or signing a deal, or use them to store information from third-party tools like tracking when a support ticket is created or closed, when a chat is initiated on your marketing site, or when an account is created in your back office system.

Search for leads with exactly the custom activity data you need and create Smart Views to reach out to your most relevant leads exactly when you want to, and use the Activity Filters on lead pages to see just the information you need.

Jun 16 2020
New Team Management Team management page in Close

Whether you've got a team of five or a team of 500, team management is critical. With the new team management page, you can see at a glance which features are enabled for your team, who's online, and the contact information for each user.

Jun 15 2020
Close on Your Desktop Screenshot of the About dialog from the Close Desktop app

A while back, we changed our name from to Close. Today, our desktop app is updated to match.

May 31 2020
May Roundup

The team spent part of May building on our existing features, from the Custom Fields to SMS.

  • Custom Fields now support descriptions. Descriptions can be added to both Lead and Contact Custom Fields while creating/editing, and are visible on the lead page sidebar for each.
  • Expanded SMS to more countries (Belgium, Denmark, France, Israel, Puerto Rico, and South Africa).
  • Previously, an incoming call to an empty group number would be dropped immediately. Now, we handle forwarding and voicemail recording properly. We also notify all the active users in the organization about the missed call or voicemail.
  • Previously, an incoming SMS to an empty group number would be logged on the relevant Lead(s), but it wouldn't notify anybody. Now, it notifies all the active users in the organization.
Apr 30 2020
April Roundup

While we launched our new Onboarding and Contact Custom Fields in April, that's not all we were doing.

  • Manually editing the “to” field in an email activity now properly updates the contact on that email (when expanding email template variables and filtering activities by contact).
  • Fixed a bug with our Zoom integration so that Zoom Web Client links are now correctly seen as Zoom meetings.
  • When editing an Opportunity, hitting cmd/ctrl-enter now submits the form as expected.
  • When transferring a call, transferrer info is no longer missing from the Call Bar.
  • Transferring a call to a Group Number no longer drops the call.
  • Fixed a bug that caused a small number of Exports to fail.
  • Fixed a bug that caused issues for imports that mapped a Contact Custom Field with a period in its name.
  • We now check if user has active SMTP when sending Bulk Email or Email Sequences
  • We released new versions of the desktop app that: improved the spellchecking, adds taskbar highlighting on Windows when there are incoming calls, and allows users to open closeio:// links from within the Windows application.
Apr 10 2020
April Onboarding Improvements Potential Leads in Onboarding

Whether you're signing up for a new organization in Close or inviting a new user into your existing organization, the experience has been improved with our new Onboarding.

  • When you connect an email account, we now show Suggested Leads to get you up and running faster with your existing sales leads.
  • Connecting your GSuite account is faster than ever, but you can still connect any email account in a few clicks.
Mar 31 2020
March Roundup

We had a busy March tackling issues big and small to make things run a bit more smoothly.

  • Tooltips got a cleanup and no longer get cutoff on the page.
  • Fixed an issue with Zaps running more than once for the same event in Close.
  • All of our select menus are now updated to use the same style.
  • The Opportunity edit view on the Lead page matches the experience on the Pipeline view (yay for consistency!).
  • Improved handling of imports on the Starter plan when users reach the Custom Field limit.
Jan 16 2020
Task due times in "New task assigned to you" emails now display in your timezone Task assignment email with assignee timezone

When someone assigns you a task in Close, the notification email now displays the task's due time in your own timezone instead of in UTC.

Dec 12 2019
Reverting Lead Update Imports A table showing a list of imports, one of which is being undone

When we introduced lead update imports earlier this year, we didn't include the option to undo an import that updated Leads. With this release, you can now undo any import, whether it created Leads, updated them, or both.

Oct 23 2019
Incoming Call Improvements

We've added a bundle of improvements to your incoming call experience in Close.

  • You can now ignore any incoming call—ignoring a call doesn't send the caller straight to voicemail, the way rejecting the call does, but you won't hear it ringing after you ignore it. The Close call bar showing a tooltip that says ignore
  • When you're on a call, we will now play a different incoming ringtone that is less distracting than our default ring tone.
  • Additionally, when you're on a call, we delay the ringing tone for an incoming call by 2 seconds.
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