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Choosing the right CRM

Close vs. Copper

Have you ever seen a comparison page where the “challenger” comes out better than the company writing the comparison?

Exactly. Neither have we. So when we set about comparing our CRM to others we wanted to take a different approach. Here’s the approach we’re taking:

  • The comparison we’ve put together is based on whether it’s possible (and how much it costs) to do in Copper what you can do in Close.
  • We’re biased but we’re not blind: for some of you, Copper will be the better option. What we’re trying to demonstrate is when Close is a better fit than our competitor.

Cliff Notes

Copper and Close are two common CRMs to compare if you’re a small business looking for a true CRM without breaking the bank. Both platforms have plenty of features to help you increase your outreach while managing your communication in a centralized, shared system––but they take slightly different approaches.

The core differences between Copper and Close are price, calling features, SMS options, and app access.

Close is more affordable than Copper per user, per month. Close also offers built-in calling, which will drastically reduce your VoIP costs––whereas Copper offers virtually no built-in calling or SMS features. With Copper, you’ll need to add on these features via another system and an integration.

However, Copper also has Android and iOS apps, and Close runs primarily off desktop apps and browser access.

If calling features are important to you, Close will be your best bet for overall price and efficiency with our built-in calling, call coaching, recording, SMS, and more.

Close logo Copper logo
Target sales team size <100 <100
Pricing All-inclusive
Pricing publicly available
Low initial cost
Low initial cost, many add-ons required when scaling
Budget Best value Affordable
Customer success Dedicated success team Dedicated success team
Calling Global calling built-in Calling via third-party app
Email automation Built-in Add-on purchase required
Training & implementation $0 customized onboarding $0 pre-recorded videos
GetApp "ease of use" rating 4.7 / 5 4.5 / 5
Admin or developer needed? No No
Info iconComparison data is based on an analysis from Q2 2021

Close ideal customer checklist

  • You do (or plan to do) high volume outreach by email, voice or SMS
  • You want to reduce CRM costs
  • You need to qualify large lead lists quickly
  • You aim to close more than ten deals a year
  • You’re looking for a scalable system to match your team’s growth
  • You prefer having an all-in-one system over disparate tools

“I have tried: Five9, MOJO, PhoneBurner, Zoho, Freshdesk, and the list goes on. You can finish implementing Close CRM for your business before you finish your morning cup of coffee. For the sales gurus that want to provide an impact to their bottom line, while not over spending, Close is the solution.”

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Blair Meyer
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The rest of this document will help you understand why we think Close is a better alternative to Copper both in terms of value and pricing.

What can you not do in Copper?

Copper is a modern and affordable CRM, but its calling and outreach features (like SMS) are almost completely dependent on add-on, third party applications. This also means your reporting on critical outreach functions will be much more limited inside your CRM.

Close logo Copper logo
Built-in Calling Included Not included
Built-in Call Coaching Included Not included
Predictive Dialer Included Not included
Power Dialer Included Not included
Built-in SMS Included Not included
Info iconComparison data is based on an analysis from Q2 2021

In summary

When should you choose Copper, and when Close

  • Close is a CRM built to double your sales team’s productivity.
  • It’s an “all in one” platform which you can use standalone without needing any other sales emails tools or calling products.
  • It has been built with scalability in mind and can handle a high volume of leads.
  • Copper is good if you already have a VoIP system you won’t be parting with, and you’re not looking for that feature to be built into your CRM.
  • Copper also tends to work best if you have resources dedicated to scaling your CRM and managing third-party applications.

See what third-party reviewers have to say about Close vs. other CRMs:

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