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Sales Process Showcase

How Customer.io uses automated handoffs to enable smarter sales

As a company that thrives on custom workflows and automations, it’s no surprise that Customer.io is playing at the boss level of sales automation (and crushing it).
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How ChartMogul added 1K customers with better sales pipeline management

Discover the way ChartMogul uses Close to land new customers and streamline sales.
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How Cloosiv increased their business by 1400% using Close

With a tweak to their sales process, Cloosiv jumped from 20 clients to 300 in 6 months.
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How Commonwealth Joe achieved a 9 day sales cycle

Learn how Commonwealth Joe supercharged their sales process and reporting with Close.
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How Hygge updated their workflow to increase their bottom line

Hygge upgraded their technology to Close—and dramatically improved their customer retention.
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How Printavo overcame the #1 challenge faced by small businesses

Discover how Printavo learned to scale their business while keeping their overhead low.
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How Naturebox used technology to tighten up their sales process

Naturebox was cautious when considering a new CRM, but the change led to increased success.
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