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50 Sales Pitch Courses, Training, Podcasts, & More Resources

Crafting a winning sales pitch is not easy. You want to captivate your audience, educate and convince them. And most importantly, you want to move the prospect to make a decision. The very best sales people constantly improve and refine their sales pitches.

As markets shift, pain points change, and new generations of customers start cropping up, it’s your job to build and adapt your sales pitch to continue to persuade despite changing circumstances.

Whether you’re a new salesperson looking to build some basic skills or a seasoned rep looking to level-up their sales game, these resources can help you learn from the greats and solidly improve your pitch.

In this list, you’ll find over 50 sales pitch learning opportunities, including:

Jump to the section that contains your favourite way to learn, or start scrolling through our complete list below.

13 general sales pitch online training courses

Sales pitch training can be done from the comfort of your own home. In this list, you’ll find short courses you can finish in a couple of days, and longer, more in-depth training that will help you develop your skills over a period of weeks or months.

Provided By: Udemy
Cost: $29.99
Sales Course Focus: Sales pitch presentations
Why Salespeople Recommend It: Gives you new methods and options to create PowerPoint and Keynote presentations that sell

If your sales presentation is falling flat, world-renowned entrepreneur Seth Godin is here to teach you how to use presentations to make an impact. This course is a radical rethinking of presentation software and how to use a deck to leverage attention and enroll your audience in your journey.

Provided By: Pareto Law
Cost: (Inquire for pricing)
Sales Course Focus: Online sales
Why Salespeople Recommend It: Interactive, engaging, and personalized to the skill level of all attendees

Built for sales reps who want to build confidence or the skills to deliver compelling presentations, this online training will help you master your voice and deliver an online presentation that sells.

Provided By: Steli Efti, CEO of Close CRM
Cost: Free
Sales Course Focus: Negotiations during a sales pitch
Why Salespeople Recommend It: Steli cuts the fluff and delivers proven methods for sales hustlers to nail their negotiations

Rather than repeat the basic strategies of negotiation, Steli delivers actionable hacks that today’s top sales professionals are using every day to handle objections and close more deals.

Provided By: Coursera
Cost: Free
Sales Course Focus: Beginner
Why Salespeople Recommend It: Teaches you to present with your own unique style and build brand loyalty.

Part of a sales specialization, this free course covers what makes a presentation magnetic to your audience, how to close effectively, and what to do post-sale.

Provided By: UK Body Talk
Cost: (Inquire online for pricing)
Sales Course Focus: Psychology of selling
Why Salespeople Recommend It: Fun, challenging, and immediately practical to attendees.

With both in-house and online options for courses and training, Body Talk provides sales teams with training that is backed by science. You'll learn how to discover your core message, how to make complex messages concise, and a scientifically-proven method to influence and engage people using body language and voice.

Provided By: Dale Carnegie
Cost: From $349
Sales Course Focus: Sales pitch presentations
Why Salespeople Recommend It: Helps attendees build a newfound belief in their abilities.

With a mixture of training and live practice, this 3-hour online workshop will teach you how to use customer research to create targeted sales presentations that leave a lasting impression on your audience.

Provided By: LinkedIn Learning
Cost: Part of LinkedIn Learning, $29.99 per month
Sales Course Focus: Beginner
Why Salespeople Recommend It: Gives learners a clear path to differentiating their offering.

Learn how to differentiate yourself from the competition in your sales pitch and help your customers view your product as something truly special, not just a commodity.

Provided By: New Skills Academy
Cost: £20.00
Why Salespeople Recommend It: A fast certificate to help you pitch better

This course teaches you the importance of storytelling and dialogues, as well as how to capture an audience's attention and provide solutions.

Provided By: TalentLMS
Cost: Subscription to TalentLibrary required, price depends on the number of users
Sales Course Focus: Storytelling in your pitch
Why Salespeople Recommend It: Engaging mini-lessons with fun characters

This course focuses on developing and delivering a pitch that is concise and compelling by knowing the problems your prospects are facing and describing the success they'll see as a result of using your product.

Provided By: Virtual Speech
Cost: $250
Sales Course Focus: In-person sales pitches
Why Salespeople Recommend It: Simulates ‘real-world’ training through virtual reality practice sessions.

Using VR, this course takes you through a realistic scenario and teaches you how to give a good sales pitch with confidence. There are 40 lessons that teach you how to pitch, and 7 VR scenarios for you to practice in.

Cost: From $297
Sales Course Focus: Online sales
Why Salespeople Recommend It: Immediately actionable advice to improve video sales

Julie combines her skills as a sales trainer and actress to help you sell better on camera with this master class. This master class includes 10 video lessons, a resource guide to help you pick the best cameras, microphones, and lighting for your video sales calls, plus an add-on with live virtual coaching sessions.

Cost: $695
Sales Course Focus: Sales pitch presentations
Why Salespeople Recommend It: Hands-on approach to help you master the techniques taught

This online workshop includes 3 two-hour sessions with a private 1-1 follow up to help you build your presentation skills with activities, role-play exercises, and practice presentations.

Provided By: Startup Workshops
Cost: (Inquire for pricing)
Sales Course Focus: Startup sales
Why Salespeople Recommend It: Less theory, more practical work with the whole group

Built for startup founders and sales teams, this elevator pitch workshop helps you build a stable business relationship with prospects from the start of your quick pitch.

7 in-person sales pitch workshops and programs

Want something more hands-on? Check out these in-person programs and sales pitch training workshops. Many of these programs and workshops are meant to be held in-office with an inside sales team, so sales managers who are looking to set up training for their reps should browse this list.

(Note: Some in-person training is temporarily on hold due to COVID-19 restrictions in various countries)

Provided By: Speak First
Cost: Bespoke
Countries Offered: Globally
Why Salespeople Recommend It: In-depth, personalized training for your team

This interactive course is built to give participants tough but necessary feedback on their pitching style and helps them develop an undeniable presence from the moment they enter the room. Available as online or in-person training.

Provided By: Courtney Associates
Cost: £650.00 +VAT
Countries Offered: UK
Why Salespeople Recommend It: Each attendee walks away from this program with a personal action plan

A 2-day program to help you deliver sales pitches that win, this course covers topics such as planning and structuring your pitch, communicating effectively, picking up buying signals, fielding and asking questions effectively, and more.

Provided By: Hemsley Fraser
Cost: Bespoke
Countries Offered: UK
Why Salespeople Recommend It: Helps build an understanding of what your customer really wants

Book an in-house workshop for your sales team with this 1-day sales pitch training. The workshop will help you identify what a good pitch really is, develop a strategy, create a process for your pitch, and follow up effectively.

Cost: Bespoke
Countries Offered: Australia
Why Salespeople Recommend It: Relatable, practical training that gives you an action to improve your sales today

This bespoke workshop is built to improve your sales team's ability to present. You'll learn how to understand your audience, improve your body language, prepare, practice, and calm your nerves before a presentation.

Cost: (Inquire for pricing)
Countries Offered: US
Why Salespeople Recommend It: Small class size provides ample stage time for each participant to practice what they’ve learned

This workshop will enable your sales team to defeat declining attention spans by building confidence, developing an emotional connection with customers, and improving message "stickiness".

Provided By: General Assembly
Cost: Not available
Countries Offered: US, UK, Australia, Singapore
Why Salespeople Recommend It: Walk away with a short, fine-tuned elevator pitch to use

This workshop series is here to teach you how to effectively sell your idea and yourself, whether you're starting your own business or trying to jump-start a sales career.

Cost: Bespoke
Countries Offered: Onsite training available worldwide
Why Salespeople Recommend It: Practical training on building a presentation and sales deck that work together to sell prospects

This course helps you craft a plan, set the stage, ask better questions, create a winning script, and respond calmly to the unexpected.

5 top ‘ultimate’ guides to sales pitch techniques & strategies

If you want to dig into the information yourself, check out these top guides for crafting, refining, and delivering the perfect pitch.

Provided By: Close CRM
Biggest Learning Outcome: Your sales pitch is an ever-evolving piece that constantly adapts to your customers
Why Salespeople Recommend It: Uses real examples and templates to show you what works and what doesn’t

This brand-new guide is your ultimate resource to create, adapt, and level-up your pitch. It goes step-by-step through the process of creating your pitch, plus gives you real-life examples of email, cold call, and sales deck pitches that you can imitate and learn from.

Provided By: LeadFuze
Biggest Learning Outcome: Nail the hook, and you can nail the pitch
Why Salespeople Recommend It: Includes creative methods for customer research

This guide takes you through defining the elements of a good sales pitch, nailing your hook, and using research, packaging, and delivery strategies that work.

Provided By: Process Street
Biggest Learning Outcome: For a perfect pitch, you need to make sure you’re prepared both mentally and practically
Why Salespeople Recommend It: The one-stop checklist to plan and prepare for an in-person pitch

This interactive checklist takes you through the necessary steps of analyzing your customers, assessing your product, and preparing a winning presentation.

Provided By: ScaleXL
Biggest Learning Outcome: Your customer’s needs are not the same as your interpretation of their needs
Why Salespeople Recommend It: Digs into specific steps to make your pitch bolder and harder to reject

These steps help you build your pitch around the prospects’ actual needs (not your interpretation of them) and create a promise that you can deliver on.

Provided By: Intercom
Biggest Learning Outcome: The best sales pitches are like pop songs: your prospects are left with an idea they can’t get out of their head.
Why Salespeople Recommend It: Detailed guide to create a pitch with a focus on clarity

Made especially with SaaS sales teams in mind, this guide helps you step up your pitch by making sure your point is ultra-clear.

The 13 best sales pitch training videos for quick inspiration

Webinars, videos, seminars, and Ted Talks: All of these are great ways to learn from experts from the comfort of your home. Check out some of the best sales pitch training videos for a quick, free, and comfortable learning experience:

Provided By: Duda
Video Type: Webinar
Video Length: 40 minutes
Why Salespeople Recommend It Uses a real SaaS example as a basis for the tips included

This webinar gives real-life examples of how SaaS company Duda prepares for and delivers their sales pitches, as well as how to use value-based selling strategies with your prospects.

Provided By: Sales Hacker
Video Type: Seminar
Video Length: 42 minutes
Why Salespeople Recommend It Based on the experiences of a real startup founder

This excerpt from the 2019 Sales Hacker Success Summit teaches you when and how to use sales presentations, and steps you can take to improve the way you present

Provided By: TEDx
Video Type: YouTube video
Video Length: 17 minutes
Why Salespeople Recommend It Both inspiring and funny, this video redefines what it means to sell

In this video, marketing expert Steve Harrison gives a four-step method for unleashing your desire to serve others and using that in sales.

Provided By: Badger Maps
Video Type: YouTube video
Video Length: 17 minutes
Why Salespeople Recommend It Teaches you how to gain trust and deliver value

This video helps you develop a dialogue for sales pitching, and includes some tips dealing with sales pitch anxiety.

Provided By: Sales Insights Lab by Marc Wayshak
Video Type: YouTube video
Video Length: 8 minutes
Why Salespeople Recommend It Practical advice on using your pitch to treat the problem

Focus on providing value during your pitches: that's what this video helps you to do.

Provided By: The Futur
Video Type: YouTube video
Video Length: 12 minutes
Why Salespeople Recommend It Creative approach to pitching for SMBs

Learn how to win clients away from bigger companies. This video from highly-successful design agency The Futur teaches you a pro agency sales pitch method from the TV show Better Call Saul.

Provided By: Forbes
Video Type: YouTube video
Video Length: 4 minutes
Why Salespeople Recommend It Quick tips for a quick pitch

In this video, learn how to use a message map to build an effective 15-second pitch.

Provided By: Startup Amsterdam
Video Type: YouTube video
Video Length: 28 minutes
Why Salespeople Recommend It Creative, practical tips to make sure your ideas are heard

This video from pitch coach David Beckett uses his four principles (plus his 'open, three, close' model) to engage your audience with a story.

Provided By: Inc.
Video Type: YouTube video
Video Length: 33 minutes
Why Salespeople Recommend It Excellent tips for using psychology in sales

Based on psychology, this video interview with Robert Cialdini talks about the most important ways to influence people. (His book, Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion made our list of top sales books!)

Provided By: 10Web
Video Type: YouTube video
Video Length: 13 minutes
Why Salespeople Recommend It Tips from real-life examples

Made for agencies, this video uses real startup pitches to help you learn how to pitch better.

Provided By: Close
Video Type: YouTube video
Video Length: 7 minutes
Why Salespeople Recommend It Specific advice for startup sales pitches

Startup sales need a predictable process to close deals, which is why Close CEO Steli Efti takes you through the 3 ways you can build a startup pitch that people actually care about.

Provided By: Slidebean
Video Type: YouTube video
Video Length: 12 minutes
Why Salespeople Recommend It Pitch strategies for startups who need an investment

Slidebean CEO Caya takes us through everything you need to know about creating a pitch deck for investors, including each slide you need and why you need them.

Provided By: Wall Street Journal
Video Type: YouTube video
Video Length: 6 minutes
Why Salespeople Recommend It Real-life action steps to take a sales pitch from good to excellent

Watch as Kathryn Minshew, co-founder and CEO of The Muse, is taught to improve the elevator pitch for her company by sales expert Nathan Gold.

6 training blogs for sales pitches

Keeping up with the latest news, ideas, and strategies is a great way to stay sharp. Make sure to subscribe to these blogs for up-to-date sales pitch training:

Provided By: Close CRM
Current # of Pieces About Sales Pitches: ~ 30
Best Piece on Sales Pitches: Sales pitch framing: Play to your strengths
Why Salespeople Recommend It No-BS advice for everyday sales

The Close Sales Blog teaches you how to hustle, how to master inside sales, and how to pitch effectively so that you can close more deals.

Provided By: Sales Hacker
Current # of Pieces About Sales Pitches: ~ 30
Why Salespeople Recommend It Articles feature advice from industry experts on B2B sales tactics

This blog is a community for salespeople to learn, practice, and empower their sales game.

Provided By: G2
Current # of Pieces About Sales Pitches: ~ 15
Why Salespeople Recommend It The right combination of tips and software advice

Built by tech review site G2, this blog is all about taking your sales to the next level with the right strategies and technology.

Provided By: Predictable Revenue
Current # of Pieces About Sales Pitches: ~ 10
Why Salespeople Recommend It Always includes expert advice from top sales leaders and SDRs in the trenches

From a top sales training company comes a blog that is all about building your skills as a salesperson, sales coach, or sales manager.

Provided By: SalesFolk
Current # of Pieces About Sales Pitches: ~ 10
Why Salespeople Recommend It Email-specific tips for salespeople

This blog helps you pitch better over email, with all of their content focused on building and sending cold emails that people actually respond to.

Provided By: Anthony Iannarino
Current # of Pieces About Sales Pitches: ~ 10
Why Salespeople Recommend It Learn pitching techniques and sales strategies from a professional sales coach (for free)

Sales expert and coach Anthony takes you through top sales topics that will help you improve simple skills that make a big difference in your pitch.

6 podcasts to constantly improve your sales pitch

Want to hear what the experts have to say about your sales pitch? Listen to these podcasts for lively discussions, inspirational stories, and practical advice to use in your pitch:

Provided By: JB Sales
Current # of Episodes: 192
Best Podcast on Pitches: Jeff Hoffman On The Art Of Sales
Why Salespeople Recommend It: Motivation, entertainment, and relevant advice for salespeople today

Built by a dedicated team of sales trainers, this podcast features eye-opening interviews with some of the world's most successful salespeople.

Provided By: Predictable Revenue
Current # of Episodes: 100
Why Salespeople Recommend It: Tactical, actionable content from the experts working on the frontlines of sales

This podcast talks to top sales leaders about how they shape their teams and build a process that works.

Provided By: Advanced Selling Podcast
Current # of Episodes: 700+
Best Podcast on Pitches: How to Build Rapport Virtually
Why Salespeople Recommend It: Casual listening and entertaining sales banter alongside valuable tips and ideas.

A long-running podcast with over 700 episodes in the archive, Advanced Selling does exactly what the title implies: Teach you advanced selling techniques to close more deals

Provided By: Gimlet Media
Current # of Episodes: 54
Best Podcast on Pitches: Secret Sauce or Snake Oil?
Why Salespeople Recommend It: Real entrepreneurs giving real pitches to investors

For startup founders, this podcast is a must-listen. Listen as real entrepreneurs pitch their business to investors and see what works and what doesn't.

Provided By: The Sales Evangelist
Current # of Episodes: 1,354
Why Salespeople Recommend It: Interviews that get to the heart of what actually makes a successful salesperson

Made for reps aspiring to earn over 6 figures, this podcast helps salespeople learn top skills to close more deals and earn a higher income.

Provided By: John Livesay
Current # of Episodes: 306
Why Salespeople Recommend It: Tactical advice specific to pitching

This podcast is based on unique strategies that help you pitch more effectively.

This ultimate roundup of top sales pitch training resources is just the beginning of your journey. Make sure to bookmark, subscribe to, and sign up for your favorite training resources, but don’t forget that the only way to really benefit from this list is to put those ideas and methods into action. Learn what makes a sales pitch convincing, then use it to convince and close deals.