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Turn more cold leads into opportunities

Keep your sales pipeline full with targeted, high volume outreach.

Get more replies, more often

Rejection happens, but it’s less painful when you’re able to reach hundreds of leads in a day. Start hearing “hello” more often, thanks to high-octane outbound tools.

Take the cringe out of cold calls

Cold calling works, but it doesn’t have to suck. Automate your calling with the Power Dialer or skip the ringtone entirely with predictive dialing. That means more answered calls in a fraction of the time.

"You'll never want to use anything else if you do cold calling."

Stop leaving deals on the table

Too often, leads are written off after a single follow-up. Keep the conversation going and capture more opportunities with follow-up email sequences and in-app call and text reminders — all from one dashboard.

Close really changed the game of our outbound strategy. We saw a 60% increase in efficiency across the team in terms of output and productivity.
Sarah Haselkorn
Head of Sales at MakeSpace

Spend more time where it matters most

Outbound sales take time. Why waste it on CRM updates when you could be closing? The Close desktop app gives you four communication channels and automatically logs each touchpoint and conversation.

Close saves you time:

  • Built-in email, calling, SMS
  • Zoom integrated
  • Call logging and recording
  • Voicemail drop
  • Email & calendar sync
  • Dynamic outreach lists

Keep improving your outbound sales process


Get a more accurate look at your deals with multiple pipelines and weighted forecasts.


Get a real-time view of your entire team’s stats, and see how reps stack up on the leaderboard.

Make outbound sales your strength, not your excuse

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