🚀  Introducing Custom Activities: Connect the dots of EVERY lead and prospect interaction

Turn more inbound leads into sales dollars

Get organized and move more inbound leads through your pipeline.

Move while your leads are hot

Quick replies turn leads into deals. Move fast and follow up on one of four communication channels. Lock them down, even when you’re gone; transparency empowers others to jump in while you’re not able to.

Prioritize your path to victory

Your leads aren’t created equal. Organize them into key segments like “Active Trials” or “Hot Leads”. The leads most likely to convert stay front and center, queued up and ready to close. Plus, real-time call status means your team can work the queue simultaneously.

Follow up all the way to the top

Great leads can be tough to find, yet they still get written off. “No reply” and “no” are two different things. When leads go cold, fire up email sequences and follow-up tasks to drastically improve your close rates. Test different channels until you reach the decision-maker.

The email sequences on Close have been invaluable. They have enabled us to streamline and more efficiently manage our work flows, and have personally allowed me to improve my productivity by at least 50%.
Conal Maguire
Head of Business Operations at TalentPool

Spend more time selling

Some CRMs need multiple add-ons to meet your demands. They force your team to waste time on repetitive admin and constant upkeep. Close gets out of the way, syncing and auto-logging work as it happens. It’s the only sales platform that keeps communication in a single, so your reps can focus on what they do best — closing.

Close saves you time:

  • Email, calling, SMS, and Zoom in one platform
  • Automatic call logging and recording
  • Voicemail drop
  • 2-way email sync
  • Task assignment
  • Reminder notifications
  • Calendar sync
  • Dynamic lead lists

Never stop improving


Segment opportunities into multiple pipelines and reduce uncertainty with accurate forecasting.


Learn who’s making the most of their leads and compare performance with team insights.

Make the most of your inbound leads

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