Automated Email Sequences For Salespeople

Specifically designed to create engagement with minimal work.

Zero setup. Get going instantly.

Designed for people who don't have time to learn complex new tools.

Zero setup

Get going instantly

With Close installed, you can create your first email sequence right away. No additional setup required.

Re-use templates

Re-use and share your best-performing templates across different email sequences.

Ultra simple user interface.

As easy as writing a regular email.

Focus on writing

Writing an email for a sequence is just like writing a regular email. Simple and straightforward.

Share templates

Once a template is written, your colleagues can instantly use it — or just use theirs!

Close made selling easier and brought everything into one view. Instead of having to set reminders and follow up, it was already done. We could set it and forget it.
Vanessa McCarthy
Sr. Account Executive
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Add as many steps as you like.

Pick a template. Pick a delay. Repeat.

Adding steps

Just click the "Add Step" button, pick a template, and you're done. No config. No fuss. No limits on number of steps.

Pick a delay

The only thinking work involved is in choosing how long you want the delay to be in between steps.

Auto-subscribe lead lists in bulk.

(You can also do it manually.)

Automatic enrollment

Easily turn on (or pause) an email sequence for any lead that matches a Smart View.

Until they reply

The sequence keeps sending emails in, er, sequence, until a prospect replies. At that point, you're on.

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