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Seamless communication for
faster growth

Align your team––from first touch to closed deal. Close automatically syncs each touch in a seamless, transparent UI.

Get on-demand context for every deal

All of your sales communication is automatically logged and attached to the appropriate lead, so you’ll always have historical context is at your fingertips.

Increase velocity with task management built for sales

Jumping between tools can slow your team down. Make every second count with task assignment straight from your lead’s CRM record. View tasks altogether or alongside the full context of the deal.

With Close, we're able to keep track of hundreds of deals and clients while simultaneously unifying our team's communication.
Nick Parker
Nick Parker
Founder at FTOCloud

Unite your team with more productive sales calls

Maximize your team's inbound and outbound efforts with shared call lists and group numbers. Segmented Smart Views ensure that lead prioritization and rep assignment is always crystal clear.

Foster healthy competition and celebrate wins

Get granular team insights, from outreach volume to pipeline generated. Drill down into team or employee performance and see how every rep ranks on a team leaderboard.

We’re not a 250-person business. We needed a centralized place for documents, data, and outreach. For what we needed, Close was (and continues to be) spot on.
Matt Young
Matt Young
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Coach your reps to win more deals with built-in call coaching

Close Business users now have industry-leading listen, whisper, and barge features available at no extra cost. Increase your sales reps’ effectiveness and simplify your management tools—it’s all built into your lead view.

Level up your sales momentum

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