All hands in for pipeline growth

Surge your success at-scale with team alignment from first touch to closed deal.

On-demand context for every deal

Get communication automatically logged and attached to a lead, no matter the communication channel. Historical context is at your fingertips, with even call recordings available for coaching.

Increase velocity with task management built for sales

Jumping between tools can slow your team down. Make every second count with task assignment straight from your lead’s CRM record. View tasks altogether or alongside the full context of the deal.

With Close, we're able to keep track of hundreds of deals and clients while simultaneously unifying our team's communication.
Nick Parker
Founder at FTOCloud

Clear the path for better collaboration

Team up on both outbound and inbound efforts with shared call lists and group numbers. Keep your team prioritized with segmented lists, and clarify the job to be done with a live call-in-progress view.

Foster healthy competition and celebrate wins

Get granular team insights, from outreach volume to pipeline generated. Drill down into team or employee performance and see how every rep ranks on a team leaderboard.

Level up your sales momentum

Collaborate in Close for free

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