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A sales workflow that works for you

Close lives up to its name: empowering you with a process designed specifically for salespeople.

90% less admin time, way more selling

Close gives you a home for your entire sales process. Email, call, text, launch a Zoom meeting, or update lead information without leaving the desktop app. Spend your time selling, not switching tabs.

Dynamic lead lists feed your flow state

Customize your sales workflow with dynamic lead lists using Smart Views. Always reach out when a new lead pops into your “hot” list, or once a contract is 30 days from renewal. No leads will slip through the cracks.

Combining email inboxes and task lists in the same place is the saviour of my workday!
Brinna Smith
Account Manager at Showbie

Automation built for delegation

Bring task management into the inbox where your sales take place. Assign a task to yourself or teammates from within a lead and start each day with a clear view of your to-dos.

Keep everyone in the know, all the time

Your deals are won (or lost) by the amount of context you keep. Close logs every touchpoint automatically in a visual timeline.

So much friendlier and more streamlined than many CRMs. It has a lot of flexibility for power users, but not at the cost of regular users' ability to just get work done.
Jackson Eardley
Account Executive at Badger Maps

Connect your email in an instant

Our native, one-click integrations sync your entire G Suite or Microsoft email account with Close in seconds. Contacts, emails, calendar, and more--always streamlined, always in sync.

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