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While some competitors pile on fees and additional costs, Close is the all-in-one sales CRM with flat, transparent pricing.

Pricing above is based on the Close Professional plan ($95/month).

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What our customers say about the ROI of Close

"After moving our team to Close’s Power Dialer, we saw a 60% increase in outbound call volume and a 28% increase in outbound call duration."

Sarah Haselkorn
Head of Sales at MakeSpace

"I love Close. It's helped me 4x my outreach volume and new deals from last year."

Gary Brown
New Business Development

"Since we've started using Close, we've QUADRUPLED our average revenue per user."

Sara Archer
Director of Sales & Marketing

"The email sequences in Close have been invaluable. They have personally improved my productivity by at least 50%. "

Conal Maguire
Head of Business Operations