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Ideal Customer Profile Kit

Get no B.S. templates to identify your best customers with pinpoint accuracy.

Includes a checklist for prepping your research, sample customer survey questions based on your industry and sales approach, and downloadable ideal customer profile templates that empower your positioning.

Sales happen easily when you sell to the right people

The #1 reason why sales is such an uphill battle is that many sales teams don't truly understand their ideal customer. Instead, they try to convince the wrong prospects to buy their offer for all the wrong reasons.

Profiles that help you profit

Maybe you've been through that whole "ideal customer" exercise before and ended up with a not-so-impactful collection of documents. This is going to be different. We've created a clear path to creating ideal customer profiles that generate revenue.

Expertly connect product and prospect

Bring product, sales, and marketing on the same page with intelligent market insights and organization-wide customer intimacy. Help your team stay laser-focused on the work that matters.

Learn the best way to create your ideal customer profiles

Visit our popular blog post for proven tips on creating an ideal customer profile that generates high-quality sales leads.

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