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Introducing Predictive Dialing and Email Sequences

Outreach automation for salespeople.

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Create a Smart View

Create a smart view

Import Leads

Upload a CSV, import from another CRM, or use a Zapier integration.

Filter Them

Filter lead list based on your criteria (say "Must have phone number") and save a Smart View.


Call Them Quickly With Built-in Predictive Dialer

Start Dialing

The predictive dialer calls leads simultaneously and connects you with the ones that respond.


Have team mates join the dialer session to quickly knock out lead lists in a fraction of the normal time.

Predictive dialing in Close

Automate Follow-ups With Email Sequences

Automated email sequences

Focus on Non-Responsive Leads

Clone your smart view to include only those leads who you didn't get to speak directly to.

Enroll Them in an Automated Sequence

Send them a series of emails, over days or weeks, designed to follow-up and encourage engagement.


The CRM With Everything Built-in

No Third-Party Costs

Predictive dialing, email sequences, bulk email, and call automation are all built into our plans.

No Complex Integrations

No third-party add-ons requiring additional costs, integrations, and ongoing maintenance.

One Support Team

Deal with one rep for all your sales automation tools: calling, emailing, and workflows.

One Automation Platform

Having everything in one place not only reduces cost and effort — it makes your outreach more effective.

Automate your outreach and close more deals.

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