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Scale outreach, not effort

Accelerate your revenue with our unparalleled workflow.

Effortlessly track every touchpoint

Unified sales comms win more deals. Unlock more sales velocity with perfect follow-up and follow-through: all in one inbox.

  • Email sequences
  • Bulk email sends
  • Dynamic lead lists (Smart Views)
  • Personalized email templates
  • Scheduled email sends
  • Email open tracking

Reach 2x more inboxes in half the time

You get one step closer to the deal with every touchpoint. Personalize bulk email templates with custom lead data, and automate your follow-ups until you’ve closed the deal.

Use our bulk email sending from Smart Views to enroll contacts or companies who meet your ideal outreach criteria.

The email sequences in Close have been invaluable. They have enabled us to streamline and more efficiently manage our work flows, and have personally allowed me to improve my productivity by at least 50%.
Conal Maguire
Conal Maguire
Head of Business Operations at TalentPool

Make 60% more calls

Built-in one-click calling and call automation via our Power Dialer will get your sales team on the phone more throughout the day. And our predictive dialer does the heavy lifting for you: we’ll only connect you once the ringing is over.

Call leads on autopilot

Save yourself the clicks and let us dial your leads in priority sequences until you reach a pickup.

Never hear a ringtone again

Let our predictive dialer do the heavy lifting — it’ll only connect you once the ringing is over.

After moving our team to Close’s built-in Power Dialer, we saw a 60% increase in outbound call volume and 28% increase in outbound call duration.
Sarah Haselkorn
Sarah Haselkorn
Head of Sales at MakeSpace

Connect with more leads—more often

Not all leads respond the same to phone or email. Reach leads when they’re on-the-go by sending a quick text from the desktop app. Reply right in Close and instantly have the conversation logged without writing any notes.

Having the SMS option is fantastic. I don't need to have multiple programs open, it all happens in one application.
Sam Sharpe
Sam Sharpe
Transport Agent at Nations Auto Transport

Video calls, directly in your CRM

Kick off a Zoom meeting with your prospect straight from their Close timeline. Get recordings automatically saved and attached to the lead so you can move onto your next call and catch up later.

Sell more, stress less

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