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From first touch to ongoing client engagement, Close makes it simple to keep track of your leads and manage all your outreach.


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Affiliate and software sales

Prioritize your day to increase revenue

Good salespeople know how to put first things first. Close helps you filter out your hottest leads, so you can focus on your top potential clients. Built-in calling, call recording, SMS, emailing, and automations ensure you reach buyers faster and get more meaningful connections.

Automate your onboarding, referrals, and client engagement

Close cuts your busywork in half. Put administrative tasks on autopilot with email sequences, while tasks and templates help you onboard clients faster. Now, you can focus on your coaching relationships with fewer distractions.

Trusted by coaching leaders including:

Features you need, with flexibility you’ll love

With Close, you’ll get all the CRM features you need to run sales and client engagement smoothly. But we offer unparalleled benefits when compared to other CRMs: no third-party costs, flexible billing features like monthly contracts and flexible users, and an unrivaled support team you’ll know by name.

Fast, easy adoption to help you scale faster

Growing your coaching team? Get new team members up-to-speed from day one. They’ll have access to all communication records for each of your clients and full context on-demand.

Sync emails, invoices, calendars, and more

Close’s has modern integrations with leading software companies like Asana, Shopify, PandaDoc, Zendesk, and more. You’ll keep your tech connected without sacrificing power in any area of your business.

Turn more leads into lifelong coaching clients

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