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Launch and review your video calls with unprecedented context. Every video call is automatically attached to the appropriate lead, giving you a streamlined sales workflow and competitive advantage.

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Close unifies every interaction that you (and your team) have with your leads and customers. Calling, email, SMS—and now video—together at last.

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Integrate Zoom into your sales process to light a fire under your outreach and drive up your pipeline velocity.

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Close pioneered CRM-based calling. Now we’re doing it with video.

For sales reps

Data shows that video-based calls and demos close more deals. Create a face-to-face connection and share your screen. A recording of the call is automatically added to your lead in Close.

For sales managers

Sales leaders can easily review the video calls from the most important leads—a seamless way to take your sales training and improvement to the next level.

For customer success

Gather customer feedback in real-time. When your video calls are attached to a lead or customer in the CRM, you can access this feedback effortlessly and in context.

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Step up your virtual selling game with white-hot tips from our CEO, Steli.

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