Increase reach rates with built-in SMS

Send and receive SMS messages in Close with just one click.

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Steven Castaneda

Some contacts prefer me to follow up with them via SMS. It was a pain having to switch between devices to send them messages. But since I started using SMS in Close, I can now communicate with them all in one place and my reach rates have doubled!

Steven Castaneda

Mortgage Consultant at Triumph Lending

Triumph Lending

Increase reach rates with less effort

Communicate with your prospects and customers via SMS without switching windows or apps.

Built-in one-click SMS

Stop switching windows or texting apps, and focus on reaching more contacts in less time. Just click to send an SMS directly from your existing Close number.

Respond without leaving Inbox

Quickly read and respond to incoming SMS messages without leaving your Close Inbox.

Schedule SMS to be sent later

Working early or late? Schedule your SMS to arrive at the perfect time.

Instant insights to improve your sales funnel

Get an overview of the SMS activities across your entire team in just a few clicks.

Stay on top of performance

Want to see who’s ahead and who’s falling behind? Our powerful reporting gives you an overview in seconds.

Break down the activity

See the total number of SMS sent or received, sent by user, received by lead status, and more.

Send SMS in bulk with our API

Use our powerful API to send SMS in bulk and your sales reps will start recieving responses within Close.

SMS is enabled for US, CA, GB, and AU phone numbers.

SMS messages are charged according to Twilio's SMS pricing. Learn more.

Use your existing number

Don’t want to switch numbers? Keep using your existing number.

Simple pricing

Rates start at $0.01 per outgoing SMS within the US and Canada. Learn more.

Flexible API

Use our API to bulk send SMS or import activity from other SMS tools you use.

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