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Improve reach rate with intuitive, user-friendly contact filtering.

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Powerful, high-impact Smart Views

Unleash one of the most powerful features in Close. Create dynamic Smart Views that match your top priority lead data, then automate email and calling workflows around them.

Identify your hottest leads, those who have suddenly gone dark, and more.

Real-time data

With each Smart View you create, Close updates your lead list based on current data. Keep your contact and lead outreach focused on today, without rebuilding any of your lists.

Smart Views have had the biggest impact on our business. We make views of prospects who open our emails so we’re focusing on our warmest leads, then use texting and the Power Dialer to connect with them that day.
Ryan Groth

Intuitive, user-friendly filtering

Use Close’s straightforward filters to segment your database in a visual editor––no complex code or Boolean needed. Keep the foundation of your sales process error-free, and onboard new reps in minutes.

Great CRM for a startup SaaS. Very nimble system. Smart Views are a killer game changer.
Joshua Benson
Sales Exec

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