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The Founder's Guide To Sales Negotiation

Everybody can learn to become a better negotiator if they focus on building the right skills and attitudes. In this book, Steli shares his simple and highly effective framework for winning better deals.

In this book, you'll learn how to:

  • How to effortlessly resolve negotiation roadblocks.
  • How to competently handle questions when you don't know the right answer.
  • The most dangerous trap even seasoned dealmakers fall into.
  • How to handle discount requests.
  • How to change the dynamic of the negotiation.
By using Steli's Follow-Up Formula, we closed a $42K deal after 16 months of consistent follow up. The buyer is Italian, so we decided to send a few emails in Italian to get a response. It worked!

How to negotiate like a pro

Whether you're negotiating with customers, partners or investors - the fundamental rules of every negotiation are the same. It's all about creating agreements between parties with different interests and objectives.

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