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The Sales Enablement Toolkit

The ultimate asset pack to kick your sales enablement strategy into overdrive.

We partnered up with Predictable Revenue to bring you 8 customizable templates that'll empower you (and your team!) to sell consistently and effectively.

Sell with confidence.

Sales enablement is all the buzz right now, but executing an effective sales enablement strategy isn’t a walk in the park.

That’s why we took the best enablement tactics from today's best sales teams and baked them into a collection of templated assets.

Add your own company and product info to these documents and use them religiously. Feel the $$$ impact of supercharged sales messaging!

Featuring 8 templated assets for easy customization

Case Study Template

Cold Email Templates

Competitor Comparision Chart

Sales Battle Card

Sales Script

Sales Onboarding Schedule

Sequence Strategy

Pricing Comparison Calculator

New to Sales Enablement?

Sales enablement isn’t just another trend that’s here today and gone tomorrow—it’s a real strategy that today's best sales teams are putting into practice.

Head over to the Close Blog to learn actionable sales enablement tactics that will accelerate YOUR success.

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Your content is so helpful. I read your e-book and I refer every startup to your website when they ask for any help with sales.

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