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CRM Excel Template: Free Download

Get visibility on your deals and pipeline with this free sales CRM template for Excel. Easily customize based on your sales process, record relevant data in one place, and get a visual overview of all your current deals. Download now to start tracking your deals faster and better than ever.

What the free sales CRM template in Excel gets you

All the data without the fluff—this template is made for the sales rock stars who are crushing deals and don’t want important information to fall through the cracks.

Clearly see which deals are open, which ones are closed, and which ones need some love. Keep track of all essential contact information for your leads, as well as the opportunity stage and status.

Plus, every time you update information for a lead, this free CRM Excel template will automatically update the Opportunity Last Modified field, allowing you to track deal age in an instant.

Benefits of using the free Excel CRM template

See a dynamic dashboard with key metrics that update as you input data.

Get a visual view of your main sales contacts at a glance.

Assign a sales rep to each lead in your CRM Excel spreadsheet.

Keep track of all essential lead data.

Forecast better with potential revenue.

Using Excel as a visual CRM dashboard

See the stages of each open opportunity: With this Excel CRM template, you can customize the stages of your unique sales process and track where each open opportunity stands. At a glance, you’ll know exactly where each deal is in the process, and what you need to do to move it forward.

Improve your process by tracking closed opportunities: Track closed opportunities by the reason they are closed and you’ll be able to identify holes in your sales process that can be easily fixed.

Ideal for tracking a small number of sales leads: If you're dealing with a low number of sales leads in any given quarter, using a free CRM template in Excel is often sufficient; you'll know when it's time to switch to a full-fledged CRM. Once leads start falling through the cracks, it's time to organize your leads in a way where the CRM reminds you to follow up with your leads automatically.

Valid solution for a simple sales process: Especially if you do not have a fully-defined, formal sales process, and you don't have a full-time sales person yet, an Excel CRM tracking template is typically enough. In fact, many years ago when we started out, we didn't have dedicated sales reps. Sales was something everyone in the company did sometimes, and a spreadsheet was all we needed at the time!

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