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Close more deals with actionable insights

Pull the biggest growth levers with our customizable, flexible reporting: from projections to leaderboards and every KPI in between.

Sales CRM Reporting

Customizable leaderboards

Encourage healthy competition with real-time leaderboards based on the metrics most important to your team.

Sales Leaderboard

Measure and support individuals

See all sales activity for each member of your team. Emails sent, open and response rates, number of calls made, minutes spent talking to prospects and more.

Analyze team performance

Get a big picture of your entire team’s activity for any given time period, benchmark individual rep performance against it & even compare time periods.

Access all your data in one click

Get the insights you need in seconds with our Activity Comparison report.

CRM Rep Activity

Compare time-based reports

How did you perform in Q1 this year vs Q4 last year? Close gives you all the answers you need at any given time, both for individual reps and your overall team.

Act on priority metrics

Get a holistic view of your team's time on phone, see the distribution of customer data attributes, or rank the performance across your team based on deal value closed.

Close is so much more friendly and streamlined than many CRMs. It has a lot of flexibility for power users but not at the cost of just getting work done. The reporting is also great—customizable, visually clear and informative at the same time.
Jackson Eardley
Jackson Eardley
Account Executive

Keep a pulse on pipeline health

Make accurate projections on open deals–all in one place.

Pipeline CRM
CRM Activity Reporting

Intuitive, flexible reports

Easily export your data to external reporting solutions without losing critical insights. Whether it’s a custom dashboard, spreadsheets or advanced BI tool, we've got you covered.

In my past CRMs, I had to export the data into a spreadsheet to get the reports I needed. It was unnecessary manual work. Close’s reporting features are the opposite of that experience—they streamline our daily sales reporting processes, save us a TON of time and money, and help us motivate our teams.
Andy Flowe
Andy Flowe
Head of Operations

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