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Advanced reporting within Close
Jacqueline Davis

After testing other CRMs, I was blown away by Close's clean, easy-to-use interface, communication tracking, and detailed reporting features. Tracking communication with Close has made what was a very time-consuming process extremely efficient.

Jacqueline Davis

Program Manager at Loyalty Research Center

Loyalty Research

High-level pipeline overview for the entire team

See the status of the deals in your pipeline in one place with Opportunities.

Advanced reporting within Close

Access all your data in one click

Driven by our powerful search engine, all the insights you need are just one click away.

Understand your pipeline

Are you on track for this month’s targets? Close gives you all the answers you need at any given time, both for individual reps and your overall team.

Make sense of the numbers

Get a holistic view of your team’s time on phone, see the distribution of customer data attributes, or rank the performance across your team based on deal value closed.

Measure the performance of your salespeople

Who’s topping the leaderboard? Keep an eye on the health of your team with reporting.

Measure individual performance

See all sales activity for each member of your team. Emails sent, open and response rates, number of calls made, minutes spent talking to prospects and more.

Measure team performance

Get a big picture understanding of your entire team’s activity for any given time period, and benchmark individual rep performance against it.

Take control of your numbers

Our API gives you full control of your data. Connect Close to the reporting solution you prefer, whether it’s a custom dashboard, spreadsheets or advanced BI tool.

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