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Innovative sales leaders were embracing the freedom that came with remote work before the pandemic.

If you’re a sales manager in charge of guiding and training a remote sales team for the long-run, there are countless benefits to reap when you trade in your office hustle—especially with Close in your corner.

Local touches on a global scale

While your sales team is distributed, you can still sell like you have boots on the ground. Use local phone numbers and a native Zoom integration to sell like you’re right next door.

Seamless communication across any time zone

From emails to call recordings, Close logs every touchpoint with your leads in a single timeline. Your entire team maintains a complete, real-time view of every deal—giving them the power to jump in at any point to close deals without losing precious time.

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Frictionless follow-ups

The industry’s most powerful calling tools turn your “no-reply” into a “tell me more” with built-in SMS, Power Dialer, and Predictive Dialer.

Save 2 hours a day with a CRM built for sales leaders

Light a fire under your workflow using Smart Views. Your reps will have a clear, dynamic list of leads to contact as soon as they sign on, with private views for individuals or group leads divided into regions. Your team will be pushing for the win, even when you’re offline.

With Bean Ninjas working across many time zones, there could be a delay in getting all the information together when a lead comes in. Close has everything in one location.
Tom Mercer
Partner & Director at Bean Ninjas

Coach every rep to next-level performance

Customized Pipelines

Forecast more accurately by region with multiple pipelines to help you stay organized across large territories.

Insightful Analytics

Track output and results for your team members in intuitive dashboards, no matter their locations.

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