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Get sales insights that drive rapid growth

Stop guessing and discover sales data you can act on.

Forecast better with a powerful pipeline view

Drag-and-drop your way to more accurate sales projections that update in an instant. For the hyper organized, multiple pipelines give a clear picture of how different parts of your business compare.

The ability to make multiple pipelines has been super helpful for our team. We’re able to group our leads into segments and process those pipelines separately, and we can break out renewals and new business.
Evgeny Milyutin
Founder, Happy Numbers

Stay on track with the insights you need to crush your quota

Customize reports to get a real-time dashboard of your sales efforts. Get a snapshot of how your team is tracking towards their targets, no third party tools or data wizardry required.

Always know who your top reps are

In the Leaderboard, you’ll know exactly how each member of your team ranks in terms of output and results. See who’s hitting the phones most often, and who’s contributing the most to the bottom line.

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