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Integrate Close CRM With Your Favorite Apps and Optimize Your Workflows

Integromat lets you create customized integrations that connect Close CRM with various task management, social media, or even spreadsheet platforms to watch for changes in and transfer data between apps automatically to improve your workflows.

Simply visualize what you want to achieve, and then build an integration that suits your needs using Integromat’s no-code visual scenario builder, which sets up how your data will be transferred and transformed between apps.

You can build one complex integration, or multiple simpler ones to automate your recurring tasks, or choose from any of Integromat’s available templates to implement your workflow automations even faster.

What Can You Do Using Integromat? (Use Cases)

  • Create Airtable tasks from new Close CRM opportunities
  • Enrich Close CRM leads with LinkedIn data
  • Add new Close CRM contacts to a Google Sheets spreadsheet
  • Verify phone numbers for new contacts in Close CRM
  • Create ClickUp tasks from new Close CRM tasks
  • And more...

How to Connect Close CRM With Integromat

First, sign up for an Integromat account. When starting to build your first integration, Integromat will ask you to establish a connection to your Close CRM account. You’ll just need to follow a few on-screen instructions to do this. Once your connection is established, you can continue on your build by connecting to other apps and starting your integration.

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