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If you’re still tracking deals and clients with old school spreadsheets (or worse, pen and paper) it’s time to step into the future. You need a CRM designed for the rigors of financial services sales.

Wealth Management

Investment Banking

Loans and Lending

Insurance Brokerages

Debt Management

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10x your client base with smarter prospecting

The most successful firms never stop recruiting new business. Easily import lists and contact hundreds of leads per day. Whether your prospects prefer to be reached by email, phone, or text — you can do it all in Close.

Close has been gold for keeping on top of clients. I don’t want my competitors to know about it!
Sandor Kiss
Wealth Management Advisor at iWealth

Automation that empowers retention and upselling

Reach out to your client base proactively to keep them engaged, and improve lifetime value through upselling and cross-selling. Keep track of key moments to reach out, like 30 days before contract renewal.

Easy account management builds trusting, satisfied clients

Keep every client relationship at your fingertips. Like a second brain, Close keeps your emails, texts, notes and call recordings in one central place. Give clients quick answers, even if you’re not their main point of contact.

Win deals like a firm 3x your size

Tab switching is the silent killer of productivity. In Close, you can fire off a text, launch a Zoom call, and assign a task without leaving the app. More time in your day means more time to sell.

Ditch generic, sub-par tech stacks that hinder your team

While your competition waters down their tech with centralized (but half-baked) solutions, you’ll scale faster with specialized, in-sync sales tools.

The future of tech is in customized, fully integrated systems: each with a purpose.

Prepare your firm for the next level of growth

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