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Break through the noise with emails that sell.

Harness the power of an email platform built specifically for sales sequences, templates, and follow-ups.

Sync your email in a snap

Bring your email from Gmail, Microsoft, or any other provider, into Close instantly.

CRM Email Connections

Power-up your email sales machine

Import your existing email account into Close—one click is all it takes. We have offer a direct connection with Microsoft and Google (Gmail) email accounts, so you can start sending and receiving emails in the CRM in a matter of seconds.

Do you use another email service provider? No problem. You can connect any email account in Close using IMAP/SMTP.

Track your email comms in a team-friendly timeline

Close keeps track of all your emails, no matter where you send or receive them.

Get (and give) the TL;DR in seconds

When you import your leads into Close, your entire email conversation history with each lead is instantly visible in your timeline.

Whether you send emails directly from within Close or from your mobile device, browser, or favorite email client, every message is synced automatically.

Every email engagement, at a glance

Close automatically assigns each email to the right lead and organizes the entire interaction history for you.

No need to update co-workers or management — they’ll have real-time insights available at their fingertips in a chronologically organized timeline view.

Automate follow-ups with email sequences

Stay top-of-mind for your prospects (even over long sales cycles) with customized email sequences.

CRM with Email Sequences

Drip automation designed by salespeople, for salespeople

We’ve been in your shoes. That’s why our sequences use intuitive scheduling features we use and love.

Smart email enrollment for smarter selling

Bulk enroll contacts or companies who match a Smart View into your sequence, making sure you're always following up until you get a response.

We use Close to do a lot of follow up with our leads and often this translates into new business. We get responses like ‘Thanks for the follow-up, please send me a link to sign up.'
Garrett Tichy
Garrett Tichy
Hygge Founder & Owner
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Level up your personalization

Increase the effectiveness of your emails with data pulled directly from the CRM. Save your top-performing emails as templates to use again and again.

CRM Email Templates

Create more relevant, eye-catching emails

Customize your emails using Template Tags. These allow you to add dynamic lead data to your content and speak to your leads by name, reference their contact information, and even use custom fields.

Save–and share–your winning templates

You can share templates with your entire sales team, selected members or just keep your templates to yourself until they’ve been tried and tested.

Strike the balance of bulk and target

Use our Bulk Email feature to create a lead list that perfectly matches your sales process in minutes.

X-ray vision on email opens

With Close, you can see exactly who opened your email and at what time.

Customize your send time

Working early or late? Schedule emails to arrive in your prospect’s inbox at the perfect time.

Never forget the follow-up

Want to make sure you follow up on a specific day? One click is all it takes.

Stay focused with simple snooze

Got a bunch of emails that you don’t want to respond to right away? Just hit the snooze button to reply at a later time. Simple.

Breathe easier with “Undo Send”

Ever hit the “send” button only to find out that you forgot to cc the right person, attach a file or delete that paragraph? Just hit the "Undo Send" button in Close and fix it.

HTML flexibility when you need it

Don’t want to write in a WYSIWYG editor and prefer to tinker with the HTML yourself? Easily do this from within Close.

Toggle between accounts as needed

You can also set up multiple email accounts and have multiple email sending ID’s for each user in Close.

Ready to send twice the emails, in half the time?

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