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Tim Bowman

Close allows us to contact cold leads in bulk, move them through our sales funnel and most importantly they make us follow up. Following up has had a huge effect on our business.

Tim Bowman

Educator, Author & Founder of Class Creator

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Keep your team on the same page

Close keeps track of all your emails, no matter where you send or receive them.

Email conversation history in Close

Complete email conversation history visualized

When you import your leads into Close, your entire email conversation history with each lead will be pulled in and become instantly visible in your timeline.

Whether you send emails directly from within Close or from your mobile device, browser, or favorite email client, every message is synced automatically.

Interaction history accessible across entire team

Close automatically assigns each email to the right lead and organizes the entire interaction history for you.

No need to update co-workers or management — they’ll have real-time insights available at their fingertips in a chronologically organized timeline view.

Automate follow-ups with email sequences

Use our email sequences feature to automatically follow-up in bulk over long time periods.

Bulk email in Close

Email drip campaigns for sales people

Write a series of emails once and automatically send the sequence on a schedule you choose over the course of days or weeks.

Bulk enrollment and follow-up

Bulk enroll leads who match a smart view into your sequence making sure you're always following up until you get a response.

Send highly effective emails at scale

Use our Bulk Email feature to create a lead list that perfectly matches your sales process in minutes.

Bulk email in Close

Send bulk emails to custom lead lists

Personalize your email, filter out leads who will be most receptive to it, and exclude everyone else.

Send thousands of emails with one click

Close enables you to send bulk emails to very granular custom lead lists that fit a specific profile, not just static lead lists.

Personalize email templates with mail merge

Send better emails in seconds with automatically personalized emails.

Email Templates

Two clicks to better emails

Find and select the right template and auto-populate all the mail merge tags. You can mail merge standard data like name or organization as well as custom field data.

Share templates with your team

You can share templates with your entire sales team, selected members or just keep your templates to yourself until they’ve been tried and tested.

Get the insights you need with advanced email tracking

With Close, you can see exactly who opened your email and at what time.

Email open and insight tracking

More insights for better emails

Sending an email to multiple recipients? Most email tools only show you that the email has been opened—but not who opened it. With Close, you can see exactly who opened your email and at what time.

Create customized lead lists using real-time data

Close enables you to send bulk emails to very granular custom lead lists that fit a specific profile, not just static lead lists.

Schedule emails to be sent later

Working early or late? Schedule emails to arrive in your prospect’s inbox at the perfect time.

Email scheduling

Schedule email in one click

Close gives you suggested options for scheduling emails based on the most common use cases we've seen from users.

Built for the weekend warriors

With Send Later, optimize emails to arrive at the perfect time without compromising your own work schedule.

Never forget to follow up

Create automated follow-up reminders, send bulk email and create customized email templates for your leads.

Our email tools will help you stay on top of your pipeline like never before.

Email follow up reminders
Snooze an email

Snooze emails

Got a bunch of emails that you don’t want to respond to right away?
Just hit the snooze button to reply at a later time. Simple.

email follow up reminders

Follow up reminders

Want to make sure you follow up on a specific day? One click is all it takes.
We’ll remind you to follow up so you can focus on the important stuff.

More reasons to love emailing your prospects

Make changes with "Undo Send"

Ever hit the “send” button only to find out that you forgot to cc the right person, attach a file or delete that paragraph? Just hit the "Undo Send" button in Close and fix it.

See all stakeholders in your contact list

Create custom reporting for leads that match specific criteria. Define your criteria in a Smart View and get automatically updated reports on all leads that match those criteria.

Customize your emails with HTML

Don’t want to write in an WYSIWYG editor and prefer to tinker with the HTML yourself? Easily do this from within Close.

Set up multiple email accounts

You can also set up multiple email accounts and have multiple email sending ID’s for each user in Close.

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