Your sales process is unique to you.
Your CRM should be too.

Custom Fields and Custom Activities in Close make it easier than ever to personalize your CRM to the specific needs of your business.

More flexible than spandex on a sumo wrestler

Custom Fields allow you to store unique attributes about your Leads or Contacts-supercharging context and clarity for your entire team.

A few ways to harness the power of Custom Fields

Add custom fields for role, department, and primary contact to keep your communications on point.

Keep track of your leads' contact preferences.

Use custom fields to save quick links to your prospect’s social profiles.

Capture birthdays and important dates so you remember to send them a special something.

Effortlessly add custom fields to individual contacts or target company accounts. The possibilities are limitless.

Connect the dots of EVERY lead and prospect interaction

Touchpoints inside and outside your CRM? Custom Activities to the rescue.

A CRM that works just like you do

Instead of having to jump through hoops and different apps to log important data, all your touchpoints can now be brought directly into Close.

With Custom Activities you can effortlessly create templates that are fine-tuned for your specific sales process. Turn up the dial on accuracy, structure, and speed.

✓ Qualifying calls
✓ Product demos
✓ Engagement with marketing resources
✓ Form and survey completions
✓ Event and webinar RSVPs
✓ Chat messages
✓ Invoices and billing
    and more!

Having Custom Activities has reduced our need to open other apps on a call, copy and paste, or even remember what questions need to be asked. This saves an incredible amount of time when gathering information.
Mojan Butler
Director, Development & Strategic Partnerships
CoPilot AI

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