🚀  Introducing Custom Activities: Connect the dots of EVERY lead and prospect interaction

Call automation built inside the CRM

Close includes a built-in power dialer to supercharge your outreach.

Call automation from Close

Reach 60% more leads with less effort

Call through lead lists without switching apps.

Call through any list of leads automatically

Stop importing contacts out of your CRM into separate power dialing software. Start a Power Dialer session on any Smart View in just one-click then sit back and wait for a connect or work on your daily sales tasks while you wait for the next lead to answer.

See who is being called in real-time

There's no awkward silence or pause because you're already connected to the call. Your team will have full context on who is being called with the history between your company and the lead.

Work at your own pace

The Power Dialer will automatically pause to let you finish updating any data about the lead before moving on to call the next one.

Pause & resume without losing your place

You can pause and resume the dialing session so you can jump to meetings, scheduled calls, and other tasks without losing your place.

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