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Coach your reps to more revenue with built-in call coaching

Improve sales performance with the simplest, most powerful call coaching tool on the market. Close Business users now have in-app listen, whisper, and barge features—all within the CRM.

Don't let your salespeople fumble

Sales managers often struggle to coach reps remotely without layering expensive, complex apps on top of their CRM. Call Coaching in Close changes the game.

Support new remote sales reps in real-time or watch the replay afterward

In remote sales, we lose the ability to sit side-by-side with freshman reps. When you use in-app call coaching, you pull the single biggest ROI lever you have as a sales leader—reaching 20x-30x standard quotas for new salespeople.

Start coaching your team today

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Perfect your top performers’ process to maximize your revenue

Your A-players attain 130% of quota, on average—even though they likely make up only 10% of your team. Effective, seamless call coaching helps you retain rockstars and use their recordings as on-demand training for your greener reps.

Loving the call coaching feature. It’s the piece that we needed to train up how we want. I was able to jump on a call with a rep where I picked up a number of crucial aspects that will make their next call even better.
Adrian Isaac
Head of Sales & Customer Success at Countfire

Simplify your tech stack and increase your ROI

It’s the cherry on top: you can improve your team’s sales performance without another subscription eating away at your bottom line.

Call coaching is available directly in the lead view of Close for all Business customers. No integrations, key combos, Zaps, or app-switching needed.

Sales call coaching checklist

20 best practices for before, during, and after call coaching sessions

Download a free copy of our checklist to ensure you’re being the most effective, impactful sales leader you can be.

The real gold in what we're doing for rep training is the call coaching feature. If our sales script isn't resonating with the prospect, we can ask our reps why they're going against the grain right away.
Rob Frechette
Director of Business Development

Double your reps’ revenue

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