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Jovana Trifunovic

You don't even need to pick up the phone and dial — just press one button and you’re already on the line. The call is automatically synced inside your lead. That’s a great plus!

Jovana Trifunovic

Sales Manager at Case3D

Case 3D

Reach more leads with less effort

Spend less time dialing numbers and more time closing deals.

Automated calling with our Power Dialer

Double your outbound call volume with an automated power dialer.

Predictive Dialing

Instantly level up your reach rates with behind-the-scenes dialing.

Global Coverage

Get local phone numbers in the country of your choice, and make outbound calls to almost 200 countries.

Sales reps make 300+ calls per day

Our software saves you time from dial numbers and makes it easy to quickly go through a list of leads.

Say goodbye to mundane processes

Close keeps track of all your calling activity so you can focus on selling, not organizing.

Automatically logged calls

Calls made and received are automatically logged in Close, including the duration of the call.

Leave voicemails with one click

Voicemail automation allows you to leave pre-recorded voicemails with the click of a button and you're onto the next call. No waiting for the message to record and no more tedious voicemail recordings.

Transfer your calls

Should your prospect speak with another member of your team? Click the “Transfer Call” button, select your team member and your call will get transferred.

Forward your calls

Away from your desk? Forward your calls to another number to never miss an important call.

Record your calls

Enable call recording and listen to calls directly in your timeline. Use your recordings to review your call activity, train new employees or monitor progress.

Download recordings in one click and share them with your team.

Instant insights, more calls

Get an overview of the calling activities across your entire team in just a few clicks.

Stay on top of performance

Want to see who’s ahead and who’s falling behind? Our powerful reporting gives you an overview in seconds.

Break down the activity

See the total number of calls made, calls by user, call duration and more.

Never forget to call back

All calls, including missed and snoozed calls and voicemails, will show up in your inbox.

Your team will never again let a lead fall through the cracks.

Global calling available on all Plans

Calls are charged per minute according to Twilio's Voice pricing. Learn more.

Use your existing number

Don’t want to switch numbers? Keep using your existing number.

Add a main line

Add a main sales line that goes to any available salesperson.

Great audio quality

Our engineers work hard to give you the crystal clear audio you need.

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