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Taylor Brooks

When it comes to sales software, Close has one of the most flexible and powerful APIs on the market. Any and every feature in Close has an API endpoint, which gives me full control of my data and how I’d like it structured.

Taylor Brooks

Founder of SimpleDonation.com


Connect to your favorite apps

Capture and collect the information you need from the apps you use daily.

Use Zapier to quickly integrate Close with hundreds of apps

There are hundreds of ready-to-use Zaps available for you to connect Close with other applications. Even advanced Multi-Step Zaps are available for Close users, which enable you to execute multiple actions in one automated sequence.


Connect directly to your support software

If you’re using Desk.com, Groove, HelpScout or Zendesk it’s very easy to sync your support tickets with Close. Simply create a user in Close for your support software account and the entire support history plus all future support tickets with each lead will show up in Close.


Capture leads from web forms

Want to capture new leads from online form submissions? Whether you’re using Wufoo, Google Forms, Gravity Forms or your own custom forms, it’s easy to connect your forms to Close to create new and update existing leads.

Ready-to-use 2-way integrations with Bedrock Data

Whether you want to sync your marketing analytics data to Close, automate marketing campaigns from Bedrock Data to Close or sync Close leads and contacts to and from your finance platform, you can get it up and running in less than 10 minutes with no technical expertise.

Have full control of your data

Integrate all of Close’s functionality into your existing toolset through our API.

Set up custom reporting

Create custom reporting for leads that match specific criteria. Define your criteria in a Smart View and get automatically updated reports on all leads that match those criteria.

Create custom admin panels

Are you running a large sales organization with very specific and unique needs? Use the Close API to build your own admin panels and create a more streamlined process for your team.

Build your own integrations

Want to create leads from your own application or website? Connect directly from your app or website to Close, without having to rely on any third-party services to get the data from A to B.

Design your own dashboards

Close gives you full control over your data. If you want to build your own dashboards or see your sales numbers in existing BI or reporting tools, our API allows you to pull out all the data you need.

Generate automated email digests

Create automated daily, weekly or monthly email digests that goes out to all your reps. Show their individual performance metrics for any given time period and benchmark it against the overall team members.

Collect new lead contact data with one click

Want to get new leads into Close from websites or social media profiles? Just get the free Close Lead Clipper. It will automatically detect contact information on any website and create a lead in Close with just one click.

Discover the full power and potential of the Close API.

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