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Leading Sales Teams Through Crisis

We can't keep selling the way we used to sell pre-COVID. The teams that survive and thrive in this pandemic are those that adapt faster to the new realities. That's why we've curated the best advice on navigating through this crisis in our latest book.

You'll learn how to overcommunicate without micromanaging, why your free product strategy may need adjustment, how to use change to create new opportunities, and why keeping your sanity is the first step in helping your team.

500+ pages of actionable tactics & advice with contributions from over 30 sales and SaaS leaders

Easy to digest sections:

Building the Foundation for Successful Teams: Infrastructure and Training Tips

Adapting Your Business Model to COVID-19

Adjusting Your Sales Process in a Crisis

How to Track the Right Metrics and Set Realistic Goals

Motivating Your Team During a Crisis

Valuable advice to help you succeed in challenging times

Some of the topics covered include:

Managing an Sdr Team Remotely During Covid-19

How to Move 300 People to Full Remote in 24 Hours

How to Switch Your Team to a New Sales Stack

Coronavirus and Remote Working: A Practical Guide 10 Years in the Making

How to Communicate Apart While Working Remotely

Why Working from Home During the Coronavirus Pandemic Isn’t Normal

Top 5 Tips to Boost Remote Sales Team Success

Get Your Team up and over the Line with Data-driven Sales Coaching

How to Secure Budget in the Age of Covid-19

The True Cost of an SDR Team

Four Actionable Steps to Reduce Sales Ramp Time

How to React to Covid-19 — the Perspective of a Startup Founder

How to Adjust Your Go-to-market Strategy in a Crisis

During Covid-19, It’s Okay to Help People and Still Make Money

23 Steps to Surviving Covid-19 for Startups and Small Business

Rethinking Free Product Strategy in the Age of Pandemic

How 3 Edtech Startups Acted Fast to Help Students Move Online

Your Customers Are Cutting Costs. Don't Just Let Them Cancel.

Pivoting a Sales Team During a Crisis

Quick Tips to Adjust Your Business Model for Covid-19

How B2B Buyer Behavior Has Changed in Light of Covid-19

How Inside Sales Teams Can Sell More with Content Marketing During Covid-19

How to Turn a Dry Pipeline into a Well of Golden Opportunities

5 Ways to Generate Leads after Coronavirus Canceled Your Event

Communicating with Your Customers During Covid-19

Lead Your Sales Team Through Uncertain Times

The Coronavirus Crisis Checklist for Startup Ceos

Sales Leadership in the Time of Novel Coronavirus

One of the Most Frequent Errors in Sales Planning and Forecasting

18 Essential Sales KPIs: What to Measure and How to Track Everything - Close

How to Be an Effective Manager During a Crisis

How Successful Remote Teams Manage Mental Health

Keep Your B2B Sales & Sanity Intact During the Coronavirus Outbreak

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