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The Close Partner Program Toolkit

Everything you need to get rockin' and rollin' as a Close Partner

Below you'll find a variety of assets that will give you a better idea about our product, as well as some tips and resources to set you up for success.

If you have questions or need additional assets or information please reach out to let us know. We want the Close Partner Program to be the best in SaaS and we want YOU to benefit from working with us.

Thanks for your participation,
James Urie, Partnerships and Sales at Close
Email me at: partners@close.com

Common Questions

How do I refer a customer to Close?

Simply log in to the Close affiliate dashboard and copy the referral link that was generated for you.

Can I use multiple referral links?

Yes! To create another referral link, log in to your affiliate dashboard and click the “Create another link” button.

How much commission will I make?

You’ll make 20% recurring commission on every new paying customer that you send our way - for the lifetime of the customer subscription.

How do I get paid?

Partners get paid once each quarter by check (US only) or ACH/wire transfer to US or Canadian bank accounts only. If you haven’t already, please fill out this form, or you will not be paid.

What if I’m based outside of the United States and Canada?

We recommend creating a free Borderless TransferWise account and submitting your new US-based bank details to us via this form. You will be paid via wire ACH to your Transferwise Borderless account.

Is there a minimum payout?

Yes, there is a $100 minimum payout. If you do not hit the minimum payout in a quarter, it will roll into future quarters until you meet the minimum.

Is there a maximum payout?

The maximum payout for each individual customer that you refer to Close is $10,000. If you plan on referring extremely high-value customers to Close and are concerned about that max payout, please reach out to us.

Where can I track my referrals?

All referrals are tracked in our self-serve affiliate dashboard.

Assets & Collateral

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Product & Customer Insights

What makes Close the best sales acceleration platform for startups and SMBs?

📈 Close is a CRM, but more than that, it is a comprehensive sales workflow solution. This means there’s no need for most of our customers to add external integrations or pay additional fees. Out of the box, Close comes with all of the tools sales teams need to succeed like lead management, calling, email automation, reporting, and a heck of a lot more.

🏁 Close is built for speed and ease of use. While other CRMs require an army to set up and keep maintained, Close users can get started in minutes. Easily migrate from another CRM or spreadsheet with our one-click lead importer. With an intuitive user experience and world-class support, it’s our goal to be the fastest path to revenue for our customers.

🚀 Close was created by an ambitious sales team...to empower ambitious sales teams. When you’re tackling your pipeline and closing big deals, your CRM should accelerate your workflow...not slow you down. Through our experience working with 1,000s of the world’s most successful startups and SMBs, we’ve devised the ultimate sales workflow, a process that we’ve baked directly into the product.

Customer insights for your marketing efforts

🖥 The majority of our customers are in the tech space and many, like us, sell SaaS products. We have a minority of customers in professional services, media, and education.

📤 Nearly half of our best customers have previously used a CRM and have migrated their database from that product to Close. (We hear from customers all the time that “Close is everything you need in a CRM without the bloat and additional expense”).

📈 Most of our customers are companies with less than 50 employees. We’re not after the Enterprise market. Instead, Close is ideal for organizations looking to kick off their sales process or for fast-moving teams wanting to radically accelerate their existing sales operations.

🙌 It’s not uncommon for Close to first be purchased and utilized by a founder as they launch their product in the market. As their company scales over time, we often see sales-specific roles added to these accounts.

🎯 A few terms that resonate with our target audience: B2B sales, inside sales, startup sales, SaaS sales, sales operations, customer success, and sales management.

Have a question about Close? We’re here to help. Email us at partners@close.com