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We work with aggregated data, and Close provides one of the most developer friendly APIs we've seen for reporting in the CRM space. The team was super helpful, sharing insights on customer needs and best practices to integrate.
Raphael Assaraf
Co-Founder @ Droyd

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In short: modern, and pretty damn great. See our full developer documentation here.

Close is a CRM designed to double the sales performance of SMB sales people. We serve mostly SaaS, finance, consulting, and education companies under 50 employees. We’re focused on agile, remote companies of the future who are at a critical point of needing to scale without paying enterprise CRM prices.

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Our customers use thousands of different tools, but our current integrations are listed here in more detail.

We can assist in the planning and use cases for your integration with our Sales and Success teams. To an extent, we can also provide some light engineering assistance depending on the depth of the integration.

Our marketing team has recently taken our integrations partner program to a new level. We’ll give you a dedicated landing page on our website, plus pull high-priority integrations in-app for our users to see directly inside Close. We can also work together to coordinate social promotions, guest blog posts, an email feature, or a webinar.

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