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Let’s keep selling through this.

In this unusual time, it’s more important than ever to have the right tools to accelerate your sales process. That’s why we’re taking steps to make you even more successful in the months to come.

A lower cost plan for startups

A big part of our mission is empowering entrepreneurs. To make Close even more accessible to startups, we launched the Starter plan—the best all-in-one sales kit for 1-3 person teams. Get Starter for $25 per user per month through 2020 and harness the power of an optimized sales workflow.
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Additional calling credits

Now is the time to reach out to your customers and strengthen your relationships. In an uncertain economic climate, this human connection is essential to retaining your customers and growing your business. To encourage you to get on more of these calls, all Close accounts recieve a fixed amount of free calling credits each month.

We’re here for you

Our team is doubling down on our commitment to you. We’re here to help get you up and running with Close, ensuring that you have the right toolset and mindset to grow your business during this time. Whether you need assistance on using our platform, or simply need sales advice, we’ve got you covered.

Remote resources

We've not only been running a remote sales company for the past six years, but also helped thousands of sales teams around the world sell remotely. From that experience, we've created these resources to help you through these difficult times.

The Remote Sales Survival Guide

The no bullsh!t guide to selling—and surviving—in a time of adversity. Updated weekly, this microsite provides actionable tips on managing your team and sales process during the current pandemic, along with our favorite remote tools and resources.
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The Expert Guide to Remote Video Sales Calls

If you’ve suddenly gone from working in an office to working remotely in sales, you need to make some big adjustments. Now is the time to adapt and keep moving forward. Use this guide to dominate your remote video sales calls.
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The Close Blog

Fresh sales advice to keep you on the top of your game.. Our CEO Steli Efti shares his sales and startup knowledge to help you master the art of selling. From improving your sales techniques to managing the most complex sales objections, he covers it all.
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With the Close Starter Plan, we're able to keep track of hundreds of deals and clients over the span of multiple months while simultaneously unifying our team's communication.
Nick Parker
Founder, FTOCloud

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