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Starter Basic Professional Business
Monthly billing per user, per month (no contract) $29 $69 $99 $149
Annual billing per user, per month $25 $59 $89 $129
User limit 3 30 100 Unlimited
Core features (CRM) Starter Basic Professional Business
Store Leads
Leads are defined as companies or organizations.
2,500 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Store Contacts
Contacts are defined as individuals within an organization. Contacts are attached to a Lead in Close.
4,000 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Multichannel inbox
Communicate with Leads by email, phone, and SMS from one central inbox.
Opportunity management
Track your Opportunities and view the Total Value and Expected Value of the deals in your pipelines.
Create multiple Opportunity Pipelines to help track different teams, products, or sales processes.
1 1 3 10
Contact Custom Fields
Customize the fields you use, to collect the data that matters to your sales process.
5 250 250 250
Opportunity Custom Fields
Customize the fields you use, to collect the data that matters to your sales process.
5 250 250 250
Lead Custom Fields
Customize the fields you use, to collect the data that matters to your sales process.
5 1000 1000 1000
Custom Activities
Create templates that record activities specific to your sales process.
1 5 200
Task management
Assign tasks to yourself and others.
Dynamic & static lead lists (Smart Views)
Save customized views of Leads to customize your workflow and keep on top of outreach.
Lead import & export
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Lead timeline (Lead History)
Have all communication with a Lead logged in a chronological timeline.
Follow-up reminders
Set yourself reminders to follow-up with your Leads.
Lead notes
Lead search
Merge duplicate leads
Duplicate detection on import
Email Starter Basic Professional Business
Email templates
Create and share email templates with your team.
Two-way email sync (send/receive)
See emails in Close and your external email client, no matter where the email was sent from.
Email open tracking
See if your Lead has opened your email.
Dynamic template tags
Personalize emails by including tags into your email templates (e.g. 'first name') and have them populated automatically.
Email scheduling
Email sequences
Send a series of emails on a pre-defined scheduled.
Bulk email sending
Send a templated email to multiple people at once.
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Historical email import
Import past email communication with your Leads to keep and share historical context.
File attachments
Email signatures
Snooze & undo send
Email & domain filtering
Exclude specific email addresses and domains from being synced for privacy reasons.
Meetings Starter Basic Professional Business
Google Calendar sync
Join and track Google Calendar meetings from within Close.
Google Calendar meeting reminders
Close will automatically remind you about upcoming meetings in Google Calendar.
Sync incomplete Tasks to calendar
Add your incomplete Tasks to any calendar automatically.
Calling & SMS Starter Basic Professional Business
Global calling
Calling is charged based on usage (see the FAQ below for more info). Your free trial includes $5 of calling credits.
SMS (send & receive)
SMS is enabled for US, CA, GB, and AU phone numbers (see the FAQ below for more info).
Free monthly calling credit
Your credit can be used for phone number rental, call time, or SMS. Additional calling is charged based on usage (see the FAQ below for more info).
$3 $10 $10 $10
Automatic call logging
After a call is completed in Close, it will be automatically added to the Lead page (including time and duration).
Call recording
With call recording enabled, calls completed through Close will be recorded and can be replayed directly on the Lead page. On Professional, call recordings are only stored for 7 days. On Business, call recordings are retained indefinitely.
Power Dialer
Call through any list of Leads without touching your keyboard or mouse.
Predictive dialer
Built-in call automation software that allows your team to dial multiple numbers at once and get automatically connected once someone picks up.
NEWCall coaching
Call Coaching allows users to Listen, Whisper and Barge on in-progress calls. It can be used for training or assisting on difficult sales calls.
Voicemail drop
Click to leave a pre-recorded voicemail once you hit dialtone. A call note will automatically be created to indicate that you left a voicemail.
Group numbers
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Call forwarding
Call transferring
Multiple phone numbers
Phone numbers are charged monthly for as little as $1 per number. Pricing varies by country (see the FAQ below for more info).
Caller ID using external phone number
Mask your outgoing caller ID with an external phone number.
Custom voicemail greeting
Analytics & Reporting Starter Basic Professional Business
Real-time sales activity reporting
See all of your team's activity (calls, emails, won deals, etc.), updated in real-time.
Save & share reports
Close will automatically remind you about upcoming meetings in Google Calendar.
Team leaderboard
See how your Users rank for the metrics that matter to you (for example, emails sent or time spent on the phone) within a specified timeframe.
Status change reporting
Report on how your Leads have changed status (e.g. from 'Demo - booked' to 'Demo - complete') within a given timeframe.
User performance reporting
Benchmark individual rep performance and compare performance by timeframes.
Organize your team into groups of users for faster reporting.
Custom graphs (Explorer)
Create custom graphs for more advanced reporting.
Customer Support Starter Basic Professional Business
Self-service help center
Email support SLA
Screen share support
Get support via Zoom call, including screen sharing. Available by appointment.
Custom onboarding
Get help switching CRMs or setting up the optimal sales process for your team.
6+ users
Dedicated Customer Success Manager
Have an assigned Customer Success Manager dedicated to your success.
6+ users
Administration Starter Basic Professional Business
Two-factor authentication
Roles & permissions
Control a User's accessibility within Close by assigning them to one of four predefined roles, or a custom role with unique permissions (Business only).
Integrations Starter Basic Professional Business
API access
Build custom connections to the rest of your sales stack with our open API.
Zapier integration
Connect with 2000+ third-party apps through Zapier.
Zoom integration
Join Zoom meetings and watch past recordings within Close.
Gong integration
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Help Scout integration
Event Log API
Zendesk Support integration
Get Accept integration
99Inbound integration
LeadFuze integration
LinkMatch integration
Stitch integration
Retool integration
Plecto integration