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Product Updates

Jan 16 2020
Task due times in "New task assigned to you" emails now display in your timezone Task assignment email with assignee timezone

When someone assigns you a task in Close, the notification email now displays the task's due time in your own timezone instead of in UTC.

Dec 12 2019
Reverting Lead Update Imports A table showing a list of imports, one of which is being undone

When we introduced lead update imports earlier this year, we didn't include the option to undo an import that updated Leads. With this release, you can now undo any import, whether it created Leads, updated them, or both.

Oct 23 2019
Incoming Call Improvements

We've added a bundle of improvements to your incoming call experience in Close.

  • You can now ignore any incoming call—ignoring a call doesn't send the caller straight to voicemail, the way rejecting the call does, but you won't hear it ringing after you ignore it. The Close call bar showing a tooltip that says ignore
  • When you're on a call, we will now play a different incoming ringtone that is less distracting than our default ring tone.
  • Additionally, when you're on a call, we delay the ringing tone for an incoming call by 2 seconds.
Aug 26 2019
Summer Bug Squashin'

Our team likes to fix the annoyances and irritations that bug our customers throughout the year. In the last couple of weeks, our team has been busy squashing some of those frustrating issues, including:

  • Showing you all of your email sequences when you have more than 100—great work, that's a lot of sequences!
  • You can reply to an SMS from someone who isn't a lead yet in your Inbox;—that's just a lead you haven't met yet 😉
  • Activity Overview report tiles now show graphs at the beginning of a time range even when displaying relative time ranges (like this week compared to last week).
  • Picking a new phone number? Countries are now sorted alphabetically in the selection menu.
  • Imports are now assigned to the user who performed them—no more mysteries about who imported the lead you're looking at.
  • Keyboard shortcuts now always apply to your active call (rather than an incoming call), and also now reliably work on Smart View and search result pages.
  • Easier ways to search for and report on bulk email and incoming calls.
  • ... and over a dozen more fixes for the features you use every day. Some you may notice right away, and some you may never see at all, but we think it's important to share the little wins, along with the big ones.
Jul 23 2019
More Activity Comparison Column Control An animated image showing the contextual menu for Activity Comparison columns allowing reordering and sorting.

With the latest improvements to the Activity Comparison table, you can now sort, reorder and remove columns by right clicking in the column header, where you see the metric name, like "Sent Emails".

Jul 08 2019
Filter Lead Activity by Multiple Users Screenshot of Activity Feed User Filter

Lead Activity can now be filtered by multiple users at once, as well as by contact or activity type. If you want to see activities from just one group, like your AEs, it's now as simple as selecting them from the filter menu.

Jul 01 2019
Bulk Edit Improvements for Multi-Select Custom Fields

Multi-Select Custom fields, introduced in April 2019, now support three bulk edit operations, which let you select whether to replace, add, or selectively remove options from the field when updating. We've also increased the number of options that can be included in the custom field, as well as the number of selections that can be made on a particular lead. If you are a developer and want to learn more, visit our developer documentation.

New feature
Jun 20 2019
Saving and Sharing Activity Reports 🎉

No more changing filters every time you want to look at your weekly sales activity, and then your monthly sales activity, and then your quarterly sales activity, and on and on 😅 — that's right, you can now save your custom Activity Comparison & Overview Reports.

Your saved reports are private to you, so you can create as many reports as you need to get the insights you need into your sales activity. But when you need someone else on the team to see a report, sharing is just a click away.

When you share a saved report, the folks you share with will be able to follow along with any changes you make to the report. You don't have to save a report to share it, though. Every time you change a filter, metric, or sort, you can share the exact configuration you're currently looking at—perfect for sharing a surprising insight or asking a question about an exciting surge in new leads.

Jun 14 2019
Importer Merge & Update

The Lead Importer can now update your existing leads during import, filling in missing fields and ignoring existing ones. It can also match leads by Lead ID, making it easier to update exactly the leads you want.

In addition to the improved import features, leads created or updated by the importer can now be searched separately using the import_created:IMPORT_ID and import_updated:IMPORT_ID search terms. Those searches can be run with a click from the import summary. When you visit the lead page for a lead that was updated by an import, you'll now see an “import updated” activity, as well.

Jun 05 2019
Collapsible sidebar

You can now collapse the left sidebar and take advantage of more space.

May 31 2019
New Lead Activity Filtering

We have released a new version of Lead Activity Filtering. Instead of having to choose from a single activity type or "all my activities", you can now filter by multiple activity types, multiple contacts, and any user.

May 03 2019
Farewell Lato font 👋

We’re now using system fonts instead of the Lato font. This change reduces our app dependencies size, speeding up Close app loading time.

New feature
Apr 25 2019
Multi-Select Custom Fields

You can now store multiple values in a single Custom Field in Close!

Custom Fields have been a powerful feature in Close for a long time, but they'd had one significant limitation – you could only store a single value in a single Custom Field. As of today, this is no longer true! Head over to the Customizations Settings and convert your single-value fields by changing their type from "Choices (single)" to "Choices (multiple)" or from "User (single)" to "User (multiple)".

Learn more about Custom Fields

Mar 28 2019
Find leads with emails sent by a Sequence

You can now filter for leads that have received emails sent by a particular Email Sequence. The new filter is found under Leads > Narrow your results > Email Activity > "Sent by Sequence" or using the search keyword sent_by_sequence.

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