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Product Updates

New feature
Jan 11 2019
Duplicate detection in the New Lead Modal

Nobody likes duplicate data. When you create a new lead manually, we will now show you similar leads that already exist in the system.

Jan 10 2019
"Set as Primary Contact" option in the Contact Dropdown

You can now set a contact as primary with less effort. Click the "…" on a given contact and choose "Set as Primary Contact". This option is particularly useful for larger leads with dozens of contacts.

Jan 09 2019
Mobile improvements

We've made the most common workflows easier to manage on mobile devices. The Inbox Page, the Lead Search, and the Lead's Details Page are all responsive now, and so is the general layout of the application (the sidebar, the search bar, the profile dropdown, etc.).

New feature
Dec 19 2018
Webhooks V2

Our API now supports event-based Webhooks, allowing integrations to be notified of specific events triggered by Close. Our legacy Webhooks are officially deprecated.

New feature
Dec 14 2018
Smart View Search

You can now quickly find the Smart View you're looking for. Click the magnifying glass next to the "Smart Views" header in the left sidebar and start typing the Smart View name.

Dec 10 2018
Default roles in all accounts

Every account now has the following roles as standard: Admin, Super User, User, and Restricted User. These roles and their permissions have been chosen to cover most common use cases and cannot be edited or deleted.

Dec 06 2018
Improved email templates settings

We have updated and modernized the UI in our email templates settings, and we added an ability to duplicate a template.

Dec 05 2018
Close + Retool

Using our new integration with Retool you can now build custom applications on top of Close data faster than ever. With drag-and-drop building blocks, you can use Close + Retool to: enrich your Close leads with data from your internal database and 3rd-party APIs, streamline your workflows with your own custom tools, and much more. Learn more about the integration here.

Nov 21 2018
Choose export fields

While exporting data, you can now choose between common (i.e. most essential) fields and all fields (i.e. common fields as well as non-essential, mostly computed ones). Exports of only common fields are about 30% faster and the resulting CSV is much easier to digest.

Nov 15 2018
Close + LinkMatch

Close has a new integration with LinkMatch to connect LinkedIn and Close for lead generation! Using this integration, you can:

  • See which LinkedIn profiles are already in Close and which aren't
  • Create, update, and view your Close leads directly from LinkedIn profiles
  • View Close activities and opportunities for a lead without ever leaving LinkedIn

Set up the integration with LinkMatch

New feature
Nov 08 2018
Send an Email Sequence as a follow-up

While composing an email, you can now choose an Email Sequence that will be sent to the contact if they don't respond with certain timeframe.

New feature
Oct 24 2018
Call dispositions

Call dispositions communicate the outcome of a call, e.g. if it was answered, if a voicemail was left, etc. You can see them in the activity feed, search for them, and access them through our Call API. We also updated the activity feed UI to communicate the direction of calls more clearly.

Aug 30 2018
Search, report, and view Dialer calls by Call Method

Calls in Lead page activity feed now include Dialer information (Power vs Predictive and which Smart View). Dialer calls can be graphed in Explorer and searched by Smart View name and method (regular, external, power dialer, predictive dialer).

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